Best exercise bike brands in India 2022- Reviews


Best exercise bike brands in India 


Best exercise bike brands in India 


There is no hidden fact that exercise is one of the important aspects of human life as it helps you to stay healthy and fit, but this is not the only thing that is important about exercising.

If you keep yourself fit and healthy it automatically reflects in your personality as you feel good, exercise cycle can be the best friend for you in your journey.

Many people think that an exercise bike is only for those who want to get rid of heavyweight or for cardio exercise but many do not know that it can be the best exercising tool if you want attractive abs.

In this article, we are going to discuss the best exercise bike brands in India with some of the top-quality products that can help you to get rid of stubborn belly fats and it also brings many other benefits.

As with growing awareness about the workout, there are many brands that have emerged in the market but choosing one is quite a challenge so below are some of the best exercise bike brands in India.

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Best Exercise Bike 

Special Features 

Available on 

1. Kobo Exercise Spin Bike for exercise 

Weight capacity up to 120Kgs.

2. PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Air Bike

Weight capacity up to 120Kgs.

3. Cardio Max JSB Fitness Exercise Bike  

Weight capacity up to 100Kgs.

4. Fitkit FK717 Spinner Exercise Bike

Weight capacity up to 110Kgs.

5. Cockatoo AB06 Exercise Bike 

Weight capacity up to 100Kgs.

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About: Best exercise bike brands in India 


1. Kobo Exercise Spin Bike for exercise 


Best exercise bike brands in India 



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About Kobo brand:

Kobo is one of the most top brands when it comes to health and fitness products, especially in India they have a huge range of fitness equipment from the treadmill, ellipticals, smaller gym accessories such as gloves, etc.

They have been producing products for 5 decades, they are undoubtedly one of the oldest brands and one of the trusted ones, they make products for home use, semi-commercial and for the commercial gym as well.


Description and Review about Kobo Exercise Bike:

This exercise bike has a chain drive system that you will find in most of the cycles, basically, wheels and pedals connected through the chain that helps the user to operate the cycle efficiently, due to chain drive system give user outdoor working out feeling.

The build quality of the machine is very compact and heavy-duty frame made from metal and overall material is of stainless steel, the seating arrangement is a decent user can adjust it as per comfort vertically and horizontally.

But if you are looking for a backrest you will not get that function in this bike as discussed, the main purpose of this kind of bike to get a full-body workout, weight capacity is 120kg which is good for those who are heavyweight.

The flywheel weight is 18Kgs as this bike specially designed for home indoor workout flywheel weight is enough for home exercise, LCD display ensures to track your workout session including heart rate.

Design-wise it is very attractive and looks excellent, seat quality is decent for long workout sessions, it is sleek design saves the space at home, it has a unique seat shocking system that ensures safety for the user.

The weight of the product is quite heavy about 41kgs but due to inbuilt wheels, the device makes it easy to move from one place to another.

Key Features:

  • The sturdy and robust design ensures durability.
  • Seat adjustable vertically and horizontally.
  • The seat shocker system ensures safety.
  • Transport wheels for portability.
  • Free aluminum water holder to keep water.
  • Made with Heavy-duty metal frame quality.
  • Flywheel 18 kg is sturdy and compact.
  • It comes with a Chain drive system.
  • Weight capacity up to 120Kgs.
  • Best Gym cycle for home.
  • LCD display to monitor exercise sessions.


  • Expensive product.
  • No warranty details.


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2. PowerMax Fitness BU-201 Air Bike


Best exercise bike brands in India 


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About PowerMax Fitness brand:

PowerMax fitness is another high-quality brand that deals in health products they have many fitness products which are suitable for home and commercial gym, also they deal in other products such as body massagers, leg massagers, and vibration plates.

This brand is basically having an office in Mumbai but they provide all these products across India, it is one of the most well-known brands around the market, therefore this brand is considered to be the best exercise bike brand in India.


Description and Review about PowerMax Exercise cycle:

This Model No: BU-201 from PowerMax fitness is one of the best air bikes in India, if your budget low then this cycle is a better option to go with, it has an LCD display that tracks the time of exercise, intensity, burned calories, distance and scan.

The weight of the exercise bike is only 16Kgs and the frame is made with stainless steel for durability, the resistance is easy to manage and control so users can challenge themselves to get better strength.

The seating position is equipped with back support both are adjustable as per need and height of the user, weight capacity is 120kg which is excellent in this budget range.

It is made especially for home use its sleek design does not acquire much space and also very silent movement does not irritate others and users while operating, pedals come with straps for safety purposes and the foot straps are adjustable.

It is made with a belt drive system that keeps your workout smooth and noiseless as the flywheel keeps moving due to the connection of pedals with wheels, handles are equipped with foam for proper gripping.

Key Features:

  • It has a belt drive system that ensures less noise.
  • It has a weight capacity of up to 120Kgs.
  • LCD display tracks time, speed, distance, calories, etc.
  • Micro Adjustment Tension Control.
  • Back support puts less stress on the back.
  • The back is adjustable as per comfort.
  • Pedals ensure stability comes with foot straps.
  • Moving Handle Bar with Foam Hand Grips for sturdy gripping.
  • Single Piece Crank, Steel Frame material quality.
  • The exercise bike has a 1-year warranty.


  • It is not foldable.


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3. Cardio Max JSB Fitness Exercise Bike  


Best exercise bike brands in India 



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About JSB Healthcare brand:

JSB healthcare has been getting quite popular with their innovative products for health they have been making some of the unique products for almost 3 decades it is an Indian brand they have a huge range of products such as massagers like leg massager, full-body massage chair, etc.


Description and Review about Cardio max JSB Exercise cycle:

This is a very good-looking exercise cycle due to its foldable design it is highly recommended for home use if there is no space at home it can be the best choice as after exercise user can fold it and can keep it safe.

The quality of the exercise machine is made from alloy steel, the resistance system is magnetic which helps the user not to worry about adjusting the tension control as it is right in front of you so you can enhance the workout session, tension can be adjustable between 8 levels.

The pedals are made with a strap that ensures safety as pedals are anti sloppy, the flywheel has 4Kg weight which is decent in the exercise cycle, the height is adjustable with help of the knob as per the comfort of the user.

It comes with proper back support with handles near the seat and also it has built-in handles along with a heart rate pulse sensor to track your heart rate during a workout, overall display monitors track your exercise session.

This Model no: HF148 has a weight capacity of up to 100kgs which is fairly decent, it has a belt drive system that keeps your exercise smooth and noiseless, the weight of the product is light around 18.70Kgs.

Key Features:

  • It is specially designed for home workouts.
  • X-Bike Foldable Exercise Cycle saves space.
  • Very easy to assemble.
  • Comes with Backrest Support and Handles.
  • 4 kg flyweight and 3 cranks for a smooth cycling
  • LCD display to track workout details.
  • Weight capacity is up to 100Kgs.
  • It has up to 8 level tension controller.
  • Comes with backrest support and back handles.
  • Non-skiddy foot pedals with adjustable foot straps,
  • It is a belt drive system, it has magnetic resistance.
  • Mobile holder so users can enjoy music and videos.
  • The exercise cycle comes with a 1-year warranty.


  • Flywheel weight is only 4Kgs.
  • Not suitable for advanced-level athletes.


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4. Fitkit FK717 Spinner Exercise Bike


Best exercise bike brands in India 



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About Fitkit Brand:

Up next in the list of best exercise bike brands in India, Fitkit is slowly getting popular in India they have been into fitness products such as treadmills, ellipticals, exercise cycles, and accessories such as bags, water bottles, etc.

Their products are mostly well designed and promote desire results for its user they make fitness products such as commercial products and for home use as well.


Description and Review about Fitkit Exercise cycle:

If you are looking for the best spinning exercise bike for a home that is a little less pricey then this Model no: FK717 will be a good choice as it is a mid-range product usable for home.

The weight capacity of the excise bike is 110Kgs so if you are about 90 to 95 kg. you can utilize this machine effectively for cardio purposes, it has a multi-level facility of resistance level that can help the user for intensifying exercise sessions.

The Flywheel is quite sturdy and the compact weight of the flywheel is around 6.30kgs which is decent, pedals are made with straps for safety as it has anti-slippery pedals, the LCD display is there to monitor your performance.

Also tracks your heart rate and odometer, LCD display also connects to the Fitkit app it is easily accessible on android and IOS devices, the unique thing user get is that 3 months help and guidance from doctors and dietician.

The app helps the user to store all the data safely, overall making of the product is quite compact made from steel material and the weight of the exercise bike is 24Kg which is decently lighter than the other products.

Key Features:

  • Flywheel weight is 14lbs.
  • It has an excellent resistance level.
  • ensures smooth ride, LCD display monitors exercise.
  • Weight capacity is up to 110kgs.
  • The fit app ensures to store of all data safely.
  • 3 months of help and guidance about diet.
  • Made with high-quality steel material.
  • Best exercise cycle for weight loss.
  • It comes with 6 months warranty.


  • The warranty period is only 6 months.
  • Not foldable design.


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5. Cockatoo AB06 Exercise Bike for Home Gym 




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About Cockatoo brand:

Cockatoo is a gym exercising equipment brand from India and they provide their services almost all around India, they are into making products such as treadmills, elliptical products, cycles suitable for exercising at home, mountain bikes, home gym equipment like dumbbells set.


Description and Review about Cockatoo Exercise cycle:

This Model No: AB06 is another best choice for the user to get full-body workout sessions at the comfort of your home as it is an air exercise bike that has a weight capacity of 100Kgs, if you are looking for an air bike at a low price then this is the best exercise cycle for weight loss in India.

The handles are movable and can be kept still by using a stationary handle lock which is built on the bike so if you want only a lower workout, you can use pedals that come with a sturdy strap.

The handles are covered with foam for sturdy gripping while doing cardio exercise that also ensures safety, the seating arrangements are very soft and comfortable, there is also a knob under the seat for height adjustment.

There is air resistance so the faster you pedal the intensity will increase your exercise there is also a knob available for resistance, the flywheel size is 3Kg which could have been better and the LCD display is long size 6” tracks your workout sessions.

It is made from high-quality steel and the weight of the product is around 18Kgs which is fairly lightweight that allows users to move from one place to another easily, it has a belt-driven system that keeps less noise while cardio sessions.

Key Features:

  • It has a belt-driven system.
  • Put less pressure on joints.
  • It is adjustable vertically as per height.
  • 6″ LCD display monitors workout session.
  • The flywheel size is 3Kg, maximum weight is 100kgs.
  • The pedal comes with a sturdy strap.
  • Air fan-based resistance easy to adjust intensity.
  • Made with solid stainless steel material.
  • Ensures full-body workout, moving handles.
  • There is a lock for stationary handles.


  • No backrests.
  • No warranty Details.
  • Not suitable for advanced level athletes.


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What is Spin Exercise Bike?

Now before going in to discuss the features and functions of this spinning exercise bike it is very important to understand what is the spin bike?

These bikes are specially made for those who are into some kind of sporting activities such as cycling therefore you can see there won’t be a backseat included in such kind of bikes and handles built-in with slightly at slanting position.

But it is highly beneficial for those who are looking to tone up body parts such as thighs, calf, hips, especially it is also effective for abs and shoulder as well.



What is the Air Bike exercise cycle?

Air bike exercise cycle is another form of Elliptical cross trainers, if you are into fitness or on a weight loss journey you will be familiar with elliptical machines, they are too quite effective for a full-body workout.

As I said air bike is a little similar to elliptical where you get the option to train your entire body as they come with moving hands so you can exercise and tone your upper and lower body as well.

With an air bike one benefit user gets is that if you do not want to use moving handles you can lock them and only use them for lower body exercise.

The basic difference between elliptical and air bikes is that the user gets the seating arrangement in air bikes but not necessarily in an elliptical trainer.

Air bikes can be a good choice for beginners especially as it is considered to be the best cycle for weight loss, but if you are an advanced-level athlete best elliptical cross training machine will be a better choice or any spin bike due to its heavy flywheel.



What is Upright Exercise Bike?

There are some differences between the Upright exercise bike and some of the other cycles for weight loss, this is considered to be best to shape up your lower body part including abs as well.

While working out you have to keep your hands on handlebars, you experience more like you are riding a bike on road, some people today also go for recumbent exercise cycles.

Best recumbent exercise bike also a good option for lower body workout, but upright exercise cycles can be a better option as it trains your thighs, arms, abs and also puts little effort on your neck, upright bikes as discussed allows user to change the pedals much easier than other cycles.

Though it is quite effective for the workout if you have any back issues better to avoid working out on it, as it does not come with a back seat and you cannot ride on it by standing.

In this case, better to go for a recumbent exercise bike or any weight loss cycle that has a backseat or you want to stand and do pedaling ellipticals will be an option and air bike.



What is a Recumbent Exercise Bike?

This is for those who have any kind of injury or pain especially at the back as it gives quite a comfortable seating position equipped with back support, so while pedaling all the efforts come to your thighs especially to your hamstrings.

It gives effective exercise to your hamstrings puts less pressure on knees, but if you are looking for a full-body workout recumbent bike is not meant for you, you should go for air, upright, or the spin exercise cycle.

It is for those who are going through pain, sickness, lower back issues, or elders who want to have mild exercise to stay healthy as these exercise cycles are safer to use nearly eliminates the fear of injury.

It can do the job to stay fit and lose some weight by burning calories, if you are someone who goes to the gym even if you are younger on legs day, after exercising just pedal these for 5 minutes just to free your leg muscles after a heavy workout.



Chain Drive Vs Belt drive:  

In most of the products these two systems, you will see a chain system and belt-driven system but which one is better to let us discuss a little in detail as this is the most important element especially when it comes to indoor exercising.

Despite both are very effective in their own ways gives much needed intensifying workout sessions still have some pros and cons.

The driving system plays a very important role as it has a connection between wheels and pedals that allow the user to move it.

1.Chain driven system:

If you are someone who is into fitness and wants to have a high-intensity exercise chain drive system is better for you as it gives more like outdoor working out experience.

Flywheel weight in this kind of driven system is heavier than the belt-driven system that helps the user to get an advanced level workout experience.

There are few cons of a chain system such as you have to regularly maintain your exercise cycle and it can create little noise while operating, these are also quite expensive than the air bike or upright bikes.

Chain Driven you will find more in spin exercise bike as it is made for beginners to advance level person, but better for advance level therefor you will see flywheel quite heavy.


2. Belt Driven system:

This good choice for those who are beginners and for those whose aim is just to get basic healthy and fit life, this highly useful in indoor exercising or let’s say for home workouts.

In this system, the belt plays a role to connect pedals with wheels that make sure users can use a flywheel to exercise, a good choice for those who are looking for a low impactful workout.

Belt drive exercise cycles do not create much noise and give a very smooth riding experience yet let achieve your target and motto that is to be fit.

This system highly useful for homes due to less noise level and also the price range you will see between cheap to mid-range that most of us can afford.

If you are an advanced-level athlete or your aim is more than just to be fit then this system should not be the ideal choice for you as the flywheel weight is lighter in this kind of product that restricts you little to reach intensifying workout.




Overlooking this element can really harm your performance it is important to understand the basic elements so you can choose according to your needs.

The heavier flywheel is better as we have discussed in detail, if you are going for an Upright exercise cycle or recumbent bike as a beginner you should consider at least 4 to 8kgs weight flywheel but if you are advanced level good to go for above 8Kgs or up to 11kgs.

Spin bikes usually come with heavy flywheel even if you are a beginner and you have decided that you are going to get a spinning cycle for weight loss then between 15 to anything up to 20kg will be more sufficient for advanced level 20kg or above is quite effective.



Weight capacity:

Here most people fail to understand the technical aspect of weight capacity, as while working puts little extra pressure on your cycle especially while pedaling on a high level.

It is important to understand how to choose an exercise cycle that suits your weight, the basic formula is you just have to keep at least 15-20kgs buffer between your current weight and the weight capacity of the device.

Let us suppose the exercise cycle has a capacity weight up to 110kgs so if your weight is around 90kgs you are good to go with that particular product.




So here it is we have discussed in detail about best exercise bike brands in India with the best exercise cycle for weight loss online.

If you are a beginner you can go with an air bike or upright bikes but if you are someone who is into fitness for since long then spin exercise cycles will be a better choice for you due to their heavy flywheels.

There are many misunderstand that online you do not get the best exercise bike but that’s not true there are all the major brands available online that provide not only high-quality products but also gives good service.


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