Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use 2022


Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use 


Before proceeding let us see some of the top 5 Best elliptical trainers in India for home use

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India

WELCARE WC 6066 Ellitical 

8 Level manual magnetic resistance

Flywheel 4kgs.

Stride length 14"

Material Heavy-duty steel.

Weight capacity is 90kgs.

LCD tracks workouts.

1-year warranty.

Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer

Easy to Install.
Weight Capacity 120 KG.
Resistance up to 8 Levels.
LCD display to tracks display.
FlyWheel Weight 4 KG.
The stride length is 15.75 inches
Suitable for Height above 6 feet
1-year Warranty.

Reach Elliptical Trainer Machine

Magnetic Resistance up to 8 levels.
Weight Capacity up to 110 Kg.
Flywheel Weight 8 Kg.
Stride Length 18 Inches
LCD Display and Tablet Container.

1 Year of Warranty.

Fitkit Front Drive Exercise Cycle

Adjustable Workout Intensity level.
Weight Capacity is up to 110 Kg.
Flywheels are solid and Transportable Wheels.
Frame Quality is of Steel.
6 months warranty.
Fit-plus App Connectable via Bluetooth.

Kamachi Elliptical Orbitrack Bike

Weight Capacity is up to 110 KG.
Flywheel weight is up to 5 Kg.

LCD display tracks workouts.
Pedals are large and Non-sloppy.
Easy one-touch control button.
Steel wheels are sturdy and solid.

Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use 


When we think about cardio or weight loss equipment first thing that comes to mind is Treadmills or Exercise cycles, but slowly but surely one more piece of equipment getting famous for cardio be it in the gym or home and that is Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine.

The reason behind this is very simple as cross-trainer machine targets almost your entire body, your complete body from hands to feet keeps moving while working out.

Staying active is very important to each human being to lead your life to stay healthy and this device is definitely helpful to shape your body & helpful for a healthy life.

One of the best things about the elliptical this machine is made in such a way that it brings movement with soft foot pedals that energizes the human walking.

Your feet hold out on pedals while working out so it ensures you it does not create a lot of stress or impact on knee joints, there are many brands available in the online or offline market, so choosing the best one for you can be a daunting task.

So here we have brought some of the Best Elliptical Cross Trainers in India, let us discuss one by one their detailed features.



About: Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use 


1. Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer


Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use


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Cockatoo is one of the finest brands in India that ensure the production of some of the finest fitness and exercise equipment.

This Cockatoo’s CE03-Advance elliptical cross-training machine is standing at 1st place in our list as it is quite affordable and at the same time makes sure to perform perfectly.

The machine has a simple operating system to adjust the exercise intensity you can adjust the level from 1 to 8 levels as per your comfort.

Magnetic process system and magnetic support technique ensure user hassle-free exercising experience, Foot pedal surface is sturdy enough and Pre-arranged incline makes sure complete stability.

Pedal inline and slant above 12 degrees which ensure an easy movement of the foot, handles are solid and provide better gripping for easy movement.

Key Features:

  • Steel Frame quality ensures durability.
  • Easy to Install.
  • Weight Capacity 120 KG.
  • Resistance up to 8 Levels.
  • LCD display to track Calories, time, speed, and distance.
  • Flywheel Size approximately 8.65 Inches
  • FlyWheel Weight 4 KG.
  • The stride length is 15.75 inches
  • Suitable for Height above 6 feet
  • The product comes with a 1-year Warranty.


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2. Reach Elliptical Cross Trainer Machine


Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use



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Reach’s this multi-color training machine standing in 2nd place in our list of best elliptical trainers, this device is perfect for cardio sessions and specially made for home use.

Using experience is blissful and smooth not only for users but also for other people at home as the machine creates less noise.

Stationery handles are specially made to support your lower back exercise and gear allocation provides a smooth ride with easy movement without putting a lot of stress on your joints.

This machine measures the heart rate and equipped with a table container so you can keep your iPad securely and an adjustable knob helps you to choose your exercise intensity level.

Easy to read LCD display ensures to indicate Time, calories burned during exercise sessions, speed, and distance covered.

Key Features:

  • Speed Magnetic Resistance up to 8 levels.
  • Weight Capacity up to 110 Kg.
  • Flywheel Weight 8 Kg.
  • Stride Length 18 Inches
  • Non-Sloppy Pedals for safe and easy movement.
  • Anti-Shake Resistance and Measures Heart rate.
  • LCD Display and Tablet Container.
  • Product Size: 63.3 X 56.4 X 13.2 Inches.
  • The product comes with 1 Year of Warranty.


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3. Fitkit Front Drive Exercise Cycle




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Fitkit is another good brand in the fitness industry and this FK300 front-drive exercise cycle is comes at a very economical price with good features.

This cycle’s handlebar is quite sturdy and well-balanced you can use it for both purposes if you want to target only the lower part or if you want to target the lower body with the arm at the same time so you can do it too.

The seat is comfortable and soft, user can adjust them as per their comfort with the knob is easy to handle to set your desired workout intensity level.

The device has strong rear and front support that helps to stabilize on any surface, the LCD display is easy to handle and understand who helps to trace all the activities like Time, speed, calories burned and distance covered.

The best thing we like about this machine is fit kit provides the app where you get the 3 months’ guidance on dieting, training sessions tips can consult with doctors if needed, and all this for free.

Key Features:

  • Suitable for Home use as Solid and Slim Design.
  • Adjustable Workout Intensity level.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 110 Kg.
  • Flywheels are solid and Transportable Wheels.
  • Frame Quality is of Steel.
  • The product comes with 6 months warranty.
  • The warranty covers only manufacturing defects.
  • Fit-plus App Connectable via Bluetooth.
  • Brand Provides Free Installation.


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4. Welcare Elliptical Cross Trainer












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Welcare WC6066 is 4th on our list, you can adjust your exercise intensity up to 8 levels of manual magnetic resistance as per your comfort and good for a weight loss target.

Very user-friendly and easy to operate the machine at the same time provides a completely smooth ride without any hassle and makes less noise so you can enjoy the workout session blissfully without disturbing others.

Pedals are large enough which ensures a user safe ride, puts less pressure on your joints thanks to its 14” wider stride length, handles are strong, and grips well for easy movement.

LCD display furnished with large fonts that ensure to monitor time, speed, distance, calories burned, pulse rate, scan, RPM, Temperature, and fat loss percentage.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable Resistance level 1 to 8
  • Flywheel Weight: 4 Kg
  • Weight Capacity is up to 90 Kg.
  • The flywheel is rotatable in two ways.
  • Stride Length:14 Inches
  • LCD Display and adjustable tension level control.
  • Creates Less Noise and Floor stabilizer adjustable.
  • Pulse pad for Heart training.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


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5. Kamachi Elliptical Orbitrack Bike



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Next on this list is Kamachi 0B-329 elliptical machine this device is perfect at home as anyone can use it easily and looks very attractive as the design is very trendy.

Handles griping is non-skid yet sturdy so users can easily do the movements and foot pedals are large enough feel of pedals are very soft and safe to use which ensures a blissful experience.

Wheels are strong and solid as it is made with good quality of steel, the knob is adjustable as per comfort and seat is adjustable these all features makes this device user friendly.

The LCD display is large and readable tracks all your movements like time, speed, distance covered, pulse rate, and calories burnt.

Key Features:

  • Targets your lower body and upper body.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 110 KG.
  • Flywheel weight is up to 5 Kg.
  • Handles are Long and Non-skid.
  • Pedals are large and Non-sloppy.
  • Installation required easy to Install
  • Easy one-touch control button.
  • Steel wheels are sturdy and solid.


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6. Monex Orbitrek Elliptical Exercise Cycle


Best Elliptical Cross Trainer in India for home use



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Monex exercise cycle at 6th position in our list as it has the capacity to perform better and look wise also look attractive, silver and blue color both complement each other really well.

Handles are strong enough for gripping and the stainless-steel flywheel gives a complete dual-action exercise experience.

Large Pedals made from plastic ensures durability and at the same time pedals are non-sloppy for safe use.

The LCD display is easy to read indicates and tracks all data such as Speed, Distance covered, Time of exercise, Burnt calories, Scan, and Pulse rate.

No warranty on the product but if any damage to the product you can contact the brand for replacement and no magnetic resistance built-in the machine.

Key Features:

  • Resistance level adjustable but not magnetic.
  • Flywheel Weight is approximately 8 Kg.
  • Weight capacity 120 Kg.
  • It is a chain drive machine with LCD Display.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Pedals are strong and large.
  • Weight of Machine: 35 Kg.


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Types of Cross Trainers:


There are many types of cross trainers available you can choose as per your comfort, let us discuss the different cross-trainers.


Fan Elliptical Trainer:

This trainer machine provides you low impact working-out experience, machine build with fan wheels therefore it is called a Fan Elliptical Trainer.

Fan ellipticals efficiently targets your upper and lower body, these are budget-friendly exercise machines and anyone can use them to lose weight.

The drawback of the machine is they are able to target the only the upper and lower body.


Incline Cross Trainers:

These are best to target your different multiple muscles especially your core and thighs, you mostly find manageable incline trainer facility in rear drives only, most of the others come with the feature of resistance level.

Incline trainers are perfect to target your entire body as once you set your workout on a high level you have to put in your strength and efforts.


Stride Length Cross Trainer:

As the name suggests these machines allow you to choose the steps or pace of your exercise so you can easily adjust your workout as per your stride, you can select different strides as per your comfort from walking to running.

The stride length is the distance between the pedals when they are far from one another.


Air Resistance Trainers:

Resistance trainers are also very economical but you may put a lot of effort while using this machine as when you use the foot pedals air ensure you get the resistance, so your entire workout session depends on how fast you pedal to get the maximum resistance.

The drawback of this machine is they create noise so it can be irritating for you and others around you.


Magnetic Resistance Trainers:

These are very easy to use and ensures you silent operation than most of the other elliptical, this function manages the resistance level with the help of inbuilt magnetic.

You can enjoy the music or even you can watch the movies while working out, you can get the multiple options of magnetic elliptical.


Elliptical cross trainer benefits: 

So after discussing the Best Selling Elliptical cross-trainer Machine, let us discuss in detail more about why this device is useful in your training and what are the health benefits.

  • Very versatile performer as it helps in Complete Body Fitness, Improves Body Posture, helps to make the spine Stronger.
  • Beneficial for people who are suffering from Blood Pressure and Diabetes, helpful in Weight Loss, and the perfect equipment for Lower Body Exercise.
  • Machine completely targets your entire body covers Biceps, Abdominal muscle, chest muscle, elbow Joint, Knee joint and helps to Shape your haunch as well.
  • Regular working on it will have more health benefits such as improve Heart Health, Joint health, Burns Calories, reduces stress from the mind, Improve blood circulation, and reduces cholesterol.
  • Maintenance of Joint Flexibility, Increases Strong Bone Density, Healthy Heart Rate, Improves Mental Health.
  • Tracks Your Fitness Progress so you can improve your fitness level & you can exercise in the comfort of your home.
  • Lastly, these are easy to use, control your weight properly and helpful in releasing stress.



Disadvantages of Elliptical cross trainer:

Though these machines are highly beneficial there are some disadvantages as well, there are few drawbacks as mentioned below.

  • These machines have a low impact on joints or knees but if you have any knee injury it may not be suitable for a workout on them, we suggest you consult with your physician if you have any injury.
  • As discussed earlier elliptical gives low impact workout so it may not be beneficial for gaining muscle strength you need to do another workout for strength, machines will be helpful for maintaining weight loss and toning your body.



Best Elliptical Cross Trainer:  Buying Guide:


One machine provides many benefits from staying healthy to shape your body, but before buying any product we must consider few things as for these kinds of products we buy and want to use for a long time.


Size and Space:

You need to have space at your place as they require space, this all depends on your elliptical size, moreover most of the elliptical may have an average size of about 72 inches in height and 30 inches wide.

Remember these are on the average size of the elliptical, size depending on product to product so always remember to read the dimension carefully and make sure to arrange the space accordingly.



These machines do not allow you to move freely you have to restrict yourself to some extent, but the pedals, flywheel weight, and surfaces should be large enough so you can at least do your exercise with comfort.

Handles are another very important aspect of the device as your hands also move during a workout, make sure handles are within your reach and you do not have to put a lot of pressure on your wrist.

The last thing frame should not obstruct your knee arms or shoulder.


Stride length: 

Stride length is an important to factor if you are a taller person who can go for a long stride and the shorter person can go for a tight or solid stride elliptical machine.


Weight Capacity:

Choose the machine as per your weight capacity as if it is not fit to your weight then it has no use of machine so before buying check the weight capacity of the product.

Most of the machines do hold at least 100 Kg weight capacity and some may have above 100 as well you can go as per your requirement.



Flywheel is another very crucial point to keep in mind as all your workout session depends on that anything between 4-7 KG flywheel is considered to be good and sturdy.


LCD display:

The LCD display is another thing that must be on your list as it has multiple benefits that help you to track speed, time, calories burned, and many more, almost every brand provides this feature but make sure your display is readable.


Adjustable Resistance level:

Speed and Intensity the machine should have the option to maximize or minimize the intensity of your workout.

As a beginner keep your exercise speed as per your strength and convenience, gradually increase the speed once you start to get used to the speed, or let us say once your strength starts to improve you can start intensifying your exercise sessions in order to achieve your goal.


Heart Rate Monitoring:

Heart rate monitoring is basically to help you to know if you are giving enough effort needed to achieve your goals during exercise sessions so you can improve accordingly.

This feature is not necessarily what you will get in every elliptical there is a machine that does not contains heart rate monitoring.


Front, Rear, or Center Drive:

There are 3 types of wheel drives Front, Center, and Rear-drive, we recommend you to choose Rear-wheel to drive an elliptical machine, as studies have done on this and it’s proven that rear-drive is better for exercise.

Rear drives are smoother and make less noise and on the other hand, their dimension can be larger than the front-drive.

Whereas in Front drive elliptical wheels come at the front of the machine, this type of drive can be a bit noisy.

Another drive type is center drive in this system flywheel placed on either side of the device, not at front or back, these are also suitable for home as they are fits into the small places the only drawback of the center drive elliptical is they are quite expensive than the front-drive or rear-drive.



Most of the brands do provide between 6 months to 1-year warranty and some may not provide you warranty but they will give you some benefit such as if any damage in equipment brands provide you replacement facility, but we suggest you read all the details carefully.



This is also depending on the manufacturer some of them provide free installation and some of them take fees to install or few brands give you a manual or provides video facility to install.



Ellipticals are available in multiple ranges you can get the elliptical from 8000 to above 60,000, the budget is completely dependent on you.

Lower price devices may not have the latest features if you are going to buy cheap products then you may have to compromise with advanced features.

We suggest you if your budget allows go for a higher price product but if your budget does not allow you can go for an economical product but make sure your device has an adjustable resistance level.


Read the Manual:

Always remember to read the manual on how to use an installation guide this makes your life easy to install and you start using it properly.


Keep Children’s away from Machine: 

If you have kids at home or any who visits your place make sure to keep them away from the machine or do not let them operate them as these are dangerous for them, as they can trap in the machine while moving.


Other Features:

A few other factors to consider while buying an elliptical are  Durability, Portability and most importantly machine should be safe to use.




If you are looking for weight loss and at the same time shape or tone your body you can definitely utilize the Elliptical cross trainer machine, they will be the perfect companion for you in your journey.

Among all above-listed products our Pick will be Cockatoo Elliptical Cross Trainer as they have all the features device should have and at the same time ensures durability.

Hope this article helps you to know about these exercise machine if you have any doubt please do post your comments.



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