Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India 2022


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India 2022


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India 2022


We all living hectic life that we don’t have time to look after our health when we talk about health not only about our food but also about our body and Physical Health.

We all want to make money but while working hard we forget about our health, most of us living an unhealthy life and follow a bad lifestyle.

Due to an unsystematic lifestyle, we often face problems Like Pain in the Back, Neck, Knees, or legs & to get rid of pain we look for an expensive spa.

But what better If we have Massager at home which we can use them for a longer time and save our hard earn money by going to that Expensive Spa session.

There are many best companies around us who give the best Electric body Massage machine, but we have researched and brought some of the Top-selling Massager for healthy bodies.

Let us discuss Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling in India each one of them in detail with their features & description.


Best Body massager

Special Features 

Available On

JSB HF159 Body massager 

percussion and ultrasonic face massage 

AGARO 33324 Body massager 

8 massage heads with vibration massage 

Dr Physio Hammer Pro Body massager 

4 massage heads with percussion massage 

Lifelong LLM27 Body Massager

3 massage heads, copper motor 

Dr Physio Full Body Massager

4 massage heads with percussion massage 


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India 2021


1. JSB HF159 Body massager 


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India



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The most popular brand probably in India is JSB as this brand is around us for over 25 years, each and every product from JSB promises high quality and performance, they are specialized in health and fitness equipment.

JSB HF59 Massage machine standing in our list at 1st position due to its powerful features, very portable and it is an easy operative machine.

The uniqueness of this device is the user can massage their face too along with full-body, Ultrasonic massage technique helps to keep the face clean and healthy.

To add more to your skin massage, it has the option of cold and heat massage, both do their job effectively heat massage helps to absorb the skin product in a better way by opening the pores and cold massage gives comfort to your muscles.

For the body, it gives percussion body massage that is considered to be best to get rid of pain from body parts as they reach deep into the muscles to give relaxation and comfort to your muscle tissues.

Overall perfect full body massager user can carry anywhere as it is lightweight and it works without electricity so you can just charge and use it, full charging can give massage sessions up to 30 uses.

Key Features:

  • Well built quality and very lightweight product.
  • Users can massage full body and face.
  • Percussion massage helps for body massage.
  • Ultrasonic massage for facial massage.
  • Hot and cold massage for the face.
  • Hot massage opens the pores for better absorption of skin products.
  • Cold massage helps to get rid of tired eyes and relaxes the muscle.
  • It is a wireless massager, with a full charge battery usable for up to 30 uses.
  • Easy to use and carry anywhere.
  • The Massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. AGARO 33324 Body massager 


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India



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Next body massager from AGARO this is one of the top quality and versatile product to massage your body, the making of the massager is compact it is made with high-quality plastic.

It is Electric massager comes with 6-speed settings of massage so the user can adjust the intensity as per their comfort, the machine also has vibration therapy that helps to improve blood circulation into the body.

Vibration mode or intensity is adjustable between 5 modes of settings, handles are quite sturdy and grip properly into the hand, for safety and not to tangle there are mesh clothing covered.

It is very easy to understand how to operate as one-touch buttons makes it easier, this massager comes with different kinds of 8 massage heads that are usable for different kinds of massage.

  • Smooth massage head: If you want to massage your face, neck, or abdomen you can use this massage head as it gives a vibration massage that helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Waved massage head: This is specially designed for complete body massage it gives acupressure massage which has many health benefits such as reduces pain from the body, relaxes muscles, reduces stress, and much more.
  • Ball-type massage head: This is also suitable for the complete body but especially effective and beneficial to increase the enhancement of essential oil.
  • Tai Chi massage head: Helps to squeeze and press the muscles genteelly to energize and refresh the body muscles.
  • Frosting massage head: This looks flat head that is specially designed for your heel, it helps to remove the dead skin from your heel skin to rejuvenate your skin.
  • Point roller massage head: It gives a rolling massage to your body and ensures soft massage to your skin and muscles.
  • Rollers massage head: This also gives roller massage helps to reach deep in the tissue by pressing and compressing your muscle tissues.
  • Wheel massage head: This gives a shiatsu massage experience which gives the feeling like someone is pressing your muscles with their fingers or palms, it ensures natural massage.
  • Protective massage head: This designed to protect your massage face from getting tangle from any hair or dust.

Key features:

  • It is made with good quality plastic.
  • Easy one-touch buttons make it easy to operate.
  • Vibration massage improves blood circulation.
  • Vibration mode can be adjustable up to 5 levels.
  • The intensity of massage adjustable up to 8 levels.
  • 8 types of massage heads help to massage different body parts.
  • Safe to use it has an auto turn off the function of 15 minutes.
  • Mesh clothing cover to avoid tangling of hair during the massage.
  • Long handles better for gripping.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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3. Dr Physio Hammer Pro Body massager 


Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India



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Dr Physio is another one of the best brands when it comes to health products, this full-body massager is standing on our list at 3rd position.

It is Model Name: Hammer Pro suitable to massage your body parts such as back, shoulder, arm, abdomen, foot, calf, and thigh all thanks to long handles that are sturdy and reach the hardest areas.

It requires electric power while in use and the wires are quite long to give comfort while using, the material of the machine is decent as it is made with rubber quality.

Infrared lights help to get instant and quick pain relief as it helps to improve blood circulation into the body, it also has percussion massage technique that helps to get rid of fatigue, pain, and stress.

The massager has 4 different kinds of modes and also the intensity of the massage is adjustable as per comfort, this massager comes with 4 different massage heads so users can use it for different purposes.

  • Tringle massage head: This is specially designed for a back massage so if you have pain or stiffness at back it is quite effective to use.
  • Needle massage Head: It helps to improve blood circulation into the body like hands, feet, and legs as it gives acupuncture to massage to these body parts, the small tissues of muscles get a massage in this technique.
  • Point massage head: It is built-in with a point at the face of the head which is very effective to instant pain relief for your muscles and joints.
  • Circular massage head: This is made for the complete full-body so users can use it for full body massage.

Key Features:

  • It is made with good quality rubber.
  • Safe and easy to use long handles.
  • It has 4 different kinds of massage modes.
  • Comes with different massage heads.
  • Specially Built for deep tissue body massage.
  • It has a digital display with easy one-touch buttons.
  • Option to select between strong to a gentle massage.
  • Infrared lights improve blood circulation.
  • Percussion massage technique helps to get pain relief.
  • Auto turns off after 15 minutes.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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4. Lifelong LLM27 Body Massager




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The lifelong massager is at 4th in our list it is one of the top-selling body massagers very portable and builds quality is excellently made with plastic material.

The lifelong electric handled Massager gives vibration massage which provides muscle strength and improves blood circulation, quite useful, especially to the back and shoulder as it gives quick pain relief.

The inbuilt copper motor ensures power-packed performance with durability, handles are sturdy enough for proper grip, user-friendly device due to its Long wires up to 1.6 meters.

Completely safe to use as this massage machine furnished with good quality mesh that protects from hair or dust tangling.

This device has three Adjustable Massage heads so you can set up the speed as you want and as per your comfort, anyone can easily use it as buttons are easy to operate and understand.

  • Waved massage heads: This massage head you can use for full body massage from arms, thighs, to legs or foot, it gives excellent acupressure massage which is good for pain relief.
  • Ball massage head: This is specially designed for neck massage so the user can use it while massaging your neck, ball head massage gives a vibration vortex effect that improves blood circulation.
  • Frosting massage heads: It is best suitable for heel and feet massage another best thing about frosting head is it helps to get rid of dead skin so the user can get refreshing skin.

Key Features: 

  • Build quality made with plastic.
  • Easy to Operate and Portable.
  • Sturdy and Compact Design, Helpful incomplete body massage.
  • 4 different massage heads.
  • Mesh clothing ensures not to tangle any hair or fine dust.
  • The motor is built with high-quality copper ensures durability.
  • Quick Pain relief, improves digestion and increases blood circulation. 
  • Tone Thighs, hips, chest & buttocks.
  • Solid gripping, switch to manage speed & Long wires up to 1.6 meters.
  • Massage Machine comes with a 1-year Warranty.


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5. Dr Physio Full Body Massager




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Dr Physio massager in our list at 5th position of best body massager as it is very lightweight and at the same time very compact quality, it is made with good quality of plastic material.

Massager gives percussion massage therapy that gives instant pain relief from fatigue and soreness, the cord length is long enough up to 1.6meters to get comfortable massage sessions.

Users can massage all the body parts quite easily thanks to the handles not only thigh, arms, feet, calf neck, and shoulder, you can also massage your body parts such as upper with center back, lower back, and buttock.

The inbuilt motor is of copper which ensured the durability of use for a long time, and it works on corded electric power very easy to carry anywhere you go, it has a cover with mesh which keeps safe from tangling of hair or dust.

It comes with 4 different kinds of removable massage heads that is helpful to massage multiple body parts, these massage heads reach deep into the tired muscles.

  • Rolling massage head: This is very helpful to get deep tissue massage which helps to get comfortable and relax as it helps to get rid of pain from your body.
  • Scrapping massage head: If you like to have rub or scrapping kind of massage sessions this scrapping head massage will give you a great rub or scrapping massage feeling.
  • Wave massage head: It gives softer and gentle massage sessions this massage head helps to reduce muscle fatigue.
  • Dead skin removal head: As the name suggests this head specially designed for removing dead skin it gives a scrubbing massage experience which is considered to be best for skin.

Key Features:

  • It is made with plastic material.
  • Percussion massage technique helps to get rid of the pain
  • Vibration massage helps to improve blood circulation.
  • Easy to massage the entire body even at the hard reach areas.
  • The machine comes with 4 massage heads.
  • Mesh cover protects from damaging secure from tangling skin or hair.
  • Relieves Stress, Anxiety & Tension, Also helpful for weight loss.
  • Muscle soreness, chronic pain, knots tension, sports injuries.
  • Long cords up to 1.6 meters, motor made with copper.
  • The massager comes with a 1-year warranty.


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Types of Massagers: 

First, we must know the types of Massagers available, there are three types of Massagers Vibrating, Infrared, and Acupressure.


1. Vibration Massage: 

This therapy helps to energize and refresh the nerves, releases muscle tension, also helps to reduce stress, and increases blood circulation.


2. Infrared Massage: 

This massage technique helps to reduce body pain, helps in weight loss, reduces tension in muscle by reaching deep into tissues, and also improves skin health.

If someone has a long injury they can also utilize them to get rid of those pain, this considered to be safe, effective, and less harmful.


3. Acupressure Massage: 

This massage therapy probably one of the eldest healing therapies, provides complete relaxation, research conducted on this and found that it is suitable for back pain, headache, and cramps, also may provide in improving immunity and digestion.



Best Electric Body Massager Top Selling India 

Buying Guide:

We look out for massage devices for our comfort and Pain relief to lead a healthy life, so choosing the right one is Important but before buying we must Consider a few things.

So, let us discuss things to consider while buying Body Massager.


Ambition and Purpose: 

Before buying always ask yourself what is main aim to buy a product if you want to massage your back then handles should belong.

If looking for multiple purposes then you must see if the related massage heads are available or no, though today many massage devices come with multiple modes but always better to see the detail.



It is an important element to consider as this will help to move your massage session better and smooth, we prefer an Ergonomic design as they are better in shape, properly functional, comfortable, and easy to operate.



The very important point is if you massage yourself for a longer time then you may find it heavy at times and if the weight is higher then it will be difficult to carry anywhere, go for a light product without compromising on durability and performance ability.


Less Electricity Consumption: 

The device should not consume power a lot as this will help you to save electricity and as result you will end up saving your money, most of the product do consume less power.


Durability & Quality: 

The product must be solid and sturdy even if the weight is low, it does not matter body should be made with good quality plastic and inbuilt wires must be of premium quality.


Massaging Heads: 

Body massage device must have different kind of Massage Heads as this feature helps to target your body part for massage in different ways, each head can be used for different purposes.


LED Display and Speed setting:

If the massager has an LED display and one-touch buttons then it provides you a complete user-friendly experience as anyone can operate easily, adjustable speed provides safe use as you can control and set the speed as per comfort.



Most of the brands provide the warranty anything between 6 months to 1-year warranty, some may even ensure 2 years warranty all depend on the product to product.


Budget and Price: 

They have mostly come in very economical price anyone can easily afford, all depending on the features of the product, good quality of a product may have a higher price but it will ensure you perfect performance.

But it does not mean low price products are not good but while choosing them read the features, warranty, and services in detail.

You will get a massager from 1000 to above 10,000 all depending on your budget and spending capacity.



Advantages of Body Massager: 


If used in proper ways you may see amazing results from Electric Body Massager, let us discuss the benefits of Body massage machine.

Perfect for a person who works and does the daily job, the person who travels a lot as they find stiffness in back, shoulder, neck, and knees, this is a perfect way to relax and re-energize as it will help to remove all the tiredness.

Helps to keep you away from threats of back pain, arthritis, and spondylitis, if someone facing such issues, they can also use it.

Helpful in sporting or any kind of injury and swelling, usable in migraine issue or facing problem of headache.

Releases stress after a hectic day so the person can get blissful sleep at night, increases blood circulation, weight loss therapy, and improve skin health.

Improves immunity and digestion, most important save the money from those expensive spa and massage sessions.


Dis-Advantages of Body Massager: 


Using any product in the wrong way or overuse can cause problems before using read the manual and then start using.

Electric body massager not meant to use on delicate body parts like the neck and throat, it gives relief from pain but if someone has long pain in the body then it’s better to consult with the doctor before using.

Always keep in a safe place when not in use, to maintain its quality and durability, not suggested to use everyday use when it is required.




Electric body massager is a very good element to get relax but while using the take care of speed, heating, and vibration.

Before using just test once what speed level, heating comfort and then begin utilizing, do not use for a longer time you can use it for 15 to 30 minutes, do not forget to read the manual guide before using the device.

Hope this article helps you to know about body massager machine, if you have any query do post in comments we will be happy to help you.




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