Best dumbbell brands in India 2022-Buying guide & Reviews


Best dumbbell brands in India 2022- Reviews


Best dumbbell brands in India 2022- Reviews


Anyone starting their fitness journey cannot avoid the importance of dumbbells in the workout as they play a very crucial role in working out.

If you are planning to lose weight or to gain weight one thing is going to be constant in your exercise that is dumbbells, as even if you are main aim is weight loss with cardio you have to do little resistance exercise as well.

If you go to any commercial gyms, you will see tones of different types of dumbbells from weight to quality some may have rubber or some made with steel, but which one is better we are going to discuss everything in detail.

So, if it’s so vital then we must get the right product especially if you are looking for home use then you have to be more careful as just to save some bugs you may end up getting the wrong dumbbells.

In this article we are going to discuss some of the best dumbbell brands in India with some of the best dumbbells online, so let us discuss as we have picked one best of each brand’s products.

If you want to get a home set for the gym you can read our article on one all-in-one home gym set in India.


Best Dumbbell Brands

Types of sets 

Available on 

1. Kore home Gym Set

Gym set with Dumbbells 

2. Protoner Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Dumbbell Set

3. GB FITNESS Adjustable Dumbbell 

Dumbbell Set

4. Klikfit Dumbbells set 

Dumbbell Set

5. Fratii's Rubber Hex Dumbbells 

Dumbbell Set

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Topic About: Best dumbbell brands in India


1. Kore home Gym Set


Best dumbbell brands in India



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Kore is a very well-known brand when it comes to products such as dumbbells, complete set for weight training they have multiple ranges of products available for fitness-conscious people.

It is one of the best brands of dumbbells for the home, let us take it quickly and see their bestselling product.

This is a complete gym set under 2000, best to go for beginners who are just starting off, brand allows users to select the products between 16Kgs set to 30kgs set you can go as per your comfort.

It will be a decent choice for those who have been working out for a long and looking for a home gym set or wants to add some more weight into their set, it is quite decent for muscle training.

The plates are made with PVC material which is very sturdy and compact, best thing is you can always adjust the required weights anytime to increase weight for more powerful resistance training.

The user gets in package: PVC weights of 2Kgs number of plates 8 with 1 curl rod size 3 feet and dumbbells 14” size rods 2nos, also there are 2 clips and locks to fix the plates perfectly.

Other than this you get leather quality gloves for proper gripping, one small bag with hand grippers, and Rope.

Note: This specification is only about 16Kgs but the brand provides 16Kgs to 30 kg gym set it’s up to you which one to select.


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2. Protoner Adjustable Dumbbell Set


Best dumbbell brands in India



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If you are looking for only dumbbells or due to the low budget, you just want to get set then this product from Protoner can be a good choice for your home workout needs.

It comes with 20Kgs of the complete set which is decent for your home exercise as it comes with adjustable plates to enhance your training.

Before discussing what, you will get in the package let’s understand what products Protoner brand offers this brand is specialized in making fitness equipment not only for commercial gyms but also offers products for home gyms.

The user gets in Package: The weight plates made with PVC quality ensures durability the specification of weights as given below.

It is a total of 20Kgs weights there are 4 numbers of plates of 3kgs and 2kgs of 4 plates with 14” sized rod 2nos and nuts to fix them.

Note that Protoner also offers a complete set for exercising from 20kgs to 30kgs.


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3. GB FITNESS Adjustable Dumbbell 


Best dumbbell brands in India



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GB fitness is also a decent brand when it comes to home gym equipment, they are getting popular slowly in India.

If you are looking for only dumbbells online and that too at the cheapest prices, then it will not be a bad choice for you as it comes with 10Kgs of weight for home.

As a beginner, you can choose it or if you want to add it to your gym set closet, you can go for it, as it comes with removable weights, this is not a bad choice for women also decent for men.

Weight plates are made with high-quality PVC material and the rods are quite smooth ensures proper gripping for muscle-building resistance training.

The user gets in Package: Since it is only a set of dumbbells it comes with 2.5kgs PVC quality 4 plates and a lock for safe use to keep plates firm.


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4. Klikfit Dumbbells set 

Best dumbbell brands in India



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Klikfit is one of the high premium quality brands they make some of the top equipment for weight training purpose, if you have a budget you can go for Klikfit brand as their most of the devices are expensive.

This dumbbell is one of the best looking and attractive considers to be the best dumbbell set for home gym India, not only trendy but making of the sets are quite compact as it is made with rubber quality.

It is suitable for HIIT and functional training as well, it comes with different sizes of sets from 2.5kgs to 7.5Kgs, and up to 20kgs you can choose as per your comfort and requirement.

The only thing is you can not adjust the weights as it comes with fixed weights, so if you are someone who just wants to add any new dumbbells to your gym set you can use them.

As said earlier you can select dumbbell set 5Kg, Dumbbell set 10kgs, and also dumbbell set 20kg.


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5. Fratii’s Rubber Hex Dumbbells 




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If you are looking for a fix dumbbell set at a cheap cost then this is going to be the ideal choice for you, made with good quality rubber and a rod is steel.

Looks very simple not that trendy or something but can give you proper gripping to perform muscle-building workouts to get attractive arms, shoulder and also for chest exercise.

This is available from 2.5kgs weights to 7.5kgs weights, as plates are not removable you can not add the extra weight.

Overall, very nicely designed and durable product especially suitable for those who are looking for only dumbbells set for home gym.


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Best dumbbell brands in India: Buying Guide


Fixed or adjustable Dumbbell set:

Resistance or strength training is a very important element of fitness experts do suggest 3 to 4 days a week for strength training better for your immunity.

If you have adjustable dumbbells then you may have the advantage of always adjusting weights as per your sets, with one set of products you can target multiple muscle groups from the chest, arms, shoulder even you can use them for leg workouts.

These are some reasons why the best dumbbell set for the home gym are considered to be ideal to use for gaining muscle as very easily you can perform multiple workouts.

Another best thing is they are quite portable and also very easy to store and do not require much space at home.

If you do not want the headache of keep adjusting the weight plates for every set you can go for dumbbells that are fixed but then you may have to get multiple weights which are easily available on online platforms.

This way you can keep away the headache of keep changing plates after each and every set that can save your time, but again you may have to spend little money on it if your budget is low all in one home gym equipment will be an ideal choice.

But if you can spend can go for fixed weight dumbbells but very ideal will be to go for gym set, the situation also matters, as some people may be looking for best dumbbell set online just to add equipment in their existing gym set.



PVC or stainless-steel quality:

Now, this is a very interesting topic of discussion which quality is better honesty when I wanted to have equipment at home for exercising, I have gone through and found claiming that Stainless steel dumbbells are much more durable than PVC which is a form of rubber.

Technically it’s definitely true that steel always gives much more durability than the PVC but I took a risk and bought PVC weight plate material and it worked really well I have not found any issues.

PVC material is also fine to go with but if you have doubts you can always go with steel material.



Weight’s capacity:

Here many people say that go with as per your present strength or capacity but this is where most people go wrong, see your strength is definitely going to increase after some time and you do not have to keep your body habitual with the same weight.

So, the suggestion will be if you are going for adjustable dumbbells always go for multiple weight plates so you can use them afterward once you gain strength.

But here it is not something hard and fast rule that you have to go with higher weight set if budget is not allowing you go as per your spending power at present and you can always buy new ones when it is required.

But the budget is there than getting higher-weight adjustable dumbbells will be a good idea as it actually saves your money in the long run, does your exercise as per present weight lifting strength but you can always keep some extra weights for the coming days.



Online or Offline:

It is completely safe to buy dumbbells online as many top brands are available and a few of them give a 1-year warranty as well this is depending on brand to brand.

Offline have product physically in front of you to check but you may not get refund policy only you can exchange it if needed, but on the online platform, you may not get to see the product physically but always you can return it if not as per your expectation and you get refund policy and also exchange policy, etc.



Best dumbbell brands in India: Types of exercises with Dumbbell

With one set of Dumbbells, you can perform many exercises literally you can train and tone your entire body in the comfort of your home, but many people especially beginners make few common mistakes or they do not know which kind of exercise to do.

Now let us discuss how you can exercise with just one set of equipment, but before that make sure a few things before starting your workout sessions as mention below.


Suggestions before workout:

It is always a better idea to do a little warm-up before exercising begins as it increases blood flow in your body and the human body prepares for heavy lifting, also ensure if you are a beginner start with lower weights.

Remember one thing important is your form not how much weight you can lift, so no ego lifting at the start once you start increasing your strength then gradually increase the weight as well basically you can add little weight on weekly basis.

Also, when I started my fitness journey my trainer advise me at the beginning you should exercise for 5 days a week and give your muscles rest for 2 days, but if you want to exercise for 6 days you can do little cardio, abs, or functional on Saturday.

Now let us discuss how you can plan your workout on daily basis at home some things are below you can follow.

Note: If your budget allows then you should get one solid bench for a workout as they make your exercise more efficient and supports you, user can also do exercise such as abs, but if your budget is low, you can still manage it.

I am here assuming that you do not have a bench accordingly I am making the list if you have a bench, the workout style will be different.



1.Chest and Triceps:

Everyone wants attractive looking chest after the warm-up session its always a good idea to do little push-ups 3 sets will be ideal with repetition is completely depending on your strength as at the beginning you may not do many repetitions.

Dumbbell Press: 15 repetition 3 sets, FLY: 12 to 15 reps 3 sets, and Close-grip Press: 3 sets of 10 to 10 reps.

For Triceps Start with Standing French press in this exercise stand in properly and grip your dumbbells with both hands behind your body and move up down by keeping your elbow in right alignment 3 sets and 15 reps will be good.

Bi-Lateral Kickbacks 3 sets of 15 repetitions, Bench triceps dips yes, I know you might not have a bench with you but if you have any sofa or any strong chair you can do this exercise again 3 sets and but reps will be 15 to 20 remember keep dumbbells near your belly.

Skullcrushers with help of the sofa 10 to 12 reps with 4 sets will be absolutely fine.



2. Shoulder:

On shoulder day you have to only target shoulder muscles as it consumes a lot of energy so below are some of the exercises you can do for the shoulder.

You can do 7 kinds of exercises with dumbbells but we are going to do 5 different exercises, you should complete this exercise within 30 minutes and make sure not to keep a longer time gap within your sets.

Remember to do 3 sets of each with 12 to 15 reps, it will be better to do 15 reps but you can do as your strength allows.

Military press or let’s say shoulder press, Front raises to make sure while performing this exercise your shoulder moving properly and your other body part should not move if you feel heavy always better to take the lighter weight.

Lateral Raises by standing or sitting and next exercise will be Upright row very effective exercise if you do it properly and at last shrugs, these workouts for shoulder will be sufficient.



3. Back and Biceps:

While doing back start with Deadlift 3 sets with 15 reps then dumbbell rows 4 sets with 10 to 12 reps, it will be ideal to go with little heavy dumbbells but if not then you have to increase reps.

Next close grip rows with the addition of rear delts 8 to 12 reps with 3 sets, up next one arm dumbbell row and after that one arm pronated row.

Once you are done with your back workout now it’s time to train your biceps after chest guys are excited to have bigger biceps so below are some of the interesting exercises.

Hammer curl- 3 sets 15 reps, Bicep curls close 3 to 4 sets with 12 reps if 4 sets 15 reps if 3 sets.

Bicep curls wide 3 to 4 sets with 12 reps if 4 sets 15 reps if 3 sets, Close grip dumbbell curl- 3 sets with 15 to 20 reps, and Arnold curls- 3 sets with 15 reps.



4. Leg’s workout:

The most challenging yet very exciting workout is leg exercise, as per my experience I enjoy doing but it’s like a love-hate connection with legs, it is a very effective exercise as your entire body involves while working out.

Start with a little warmup to your legs do stretching, and then start with only 10 free squats, then increase those squats to 35 to 50 reps per set, 3 sets will be ideal.

You can do heavy squats by keeping dumbbells on your shoulder 3 sets with 15 to 20 reps will be more than sufficient, walking luges without weight, and then walking lunges with weights 3 sets each.

The next leg workout will be one of my favorites which is sumo squats 3 sets with 12 to 15 reps, it is also important to train your calf so do those exercises as well you can keep dumbbells on your thighs and do calf raises.



Cardio and Abs:

Now that we have done all upper body and lower body as well either you are looking for muscle gain or weight loss cardio or functional plays a very important role in building strength and immunity.

If your budget allows you can go for exercise cycles there are some exercise cycles available that are either sleek in design or foldable which makes them the best exercise cycle for home use, you can do 20 minutes of cardio on cycle.

After 15 to 20 minutes of cardio session always make sure to do a few abs exercise there are so many forms for abs that you can easily perform at home.

If the budget is not there you can do a little bit of running exercise, burpees, jumping jacks, etc these are too very effective make sure to have good running shoes while doing a functional workout or running as they put little pressure on joints.




We have just discussed in detail about Best dumbbell brand in India 2021, with the best brand we also covered and reviewed some of the best-selling dumbbells online from each brand.

While concluding instead of going for only dumbbells it will be a good choice to go for the complete gym set as they are also available at affordable prices and you get things like adjustable dumbbells, rods, etc.

I hope this article helps you to know about the best dumbbell brand in India, we also covered how you can perform and target each muscle group by using only dumbbells, but if you have any query post your comments we will be happy to guide.


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