Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India 2022


Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India 2022


Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India 2022


Swelling in the legs can be painful and irritating it can be dangerous as well if not treated properly it is important to take care of the legs as the health of the legs is also important.

Swelling in sports person, runners and weight lifters are more common as they live a very active life and pain swelling at legs in women also very common issue.

Especially during pregnancy, if someone works in marketing travels a lot, they can use compression socks to helps their legs to get some comfort, also these socks are a good way to keep swelling to away from your legs.


In Hurry? our Pick for Best Compression socks for leg

Best Compression Socks

Special Features 

Available on 

Physix Gear Compression Socks 

Looks attractive and double stich for durability 

Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks

Execellent quality 

SB SOX Lite Compression Socks 

Looks attractive, good for leg health 

Nuvein Airplane Travel Socks

Good quality fabric 

So, let us discuss the Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India, in this article we are going to discuss how you can keep your legs healthy and fine with few easy tips.

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1. Physix Gear Compression Socks 


Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India



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Physix is one of the top brands all over the world they make some of the best products for a healthy lifestyle their any product is worth gives desire results and also makes sure durability at the same time products look very trendy.

These socks from Physix are one of the best selling products and have a very positive response from the wearers, it is Model No: Socks1 the combination of colors looks very nice and the fabric used gives a very softer and comfortable feeling.

This is Unisex socks can be worn by anyone be it men or women, to make it quality material the fabric is not only sole reasonability the seam quality has to be good the stitching done on this compression socks is a double stitch for quality purpose.

Seam stitching is of good quality, the bacteria and dust do not sit easily on the socks as it is anti-bacteria material, fabric easy to wash, and very breathable fabric, the socks dry in no time.

As discussed earlier it is usable for both men and women both, it is graduated 20-30 mmHg and fitting is awesome helps to boost your stamina by improving blood circulation into the legs.

Who Can use it? Runners, Nurses, teachers, athletes, walking, CrossFit workout, while pregnancy, while traveling especially at flights and hiking.


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2. Wanderlust Air Travel Compression Socks


Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India



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Wanderlust is a traveling bags brand they have multiple ranges of traveling bags so they have a good idea about the problems people face during traveling, swelling, stiffness is more common in travel.

These compression socks for legs may look not that trendy but the quality and for desire results, it is best suited, fitting is best for both men and women.

This is best for pain relief as it is made as per standard requirement for compression socks, it is designed in a very unique way made for comfort while wearing, and as softer fabric material used it does not make any red marks on your skin.

It is made as per medical-grade graduated compression at the foot and ankle 25-30 mmHg, for mid-leg and calf 15-20 mmHg, and for under knee 10-15 mmHg, all this makes this sock comfortable provides proper support.

Foot padding is very thin feels softer which leads to low impact, toe box helps to keep you safe by eliminating friction and does not irritate the wearer, also helps for proper airing.

Who Can use it? It is suitable for swelling, also if someone suffering from arthritis, they can use it and helps in diabetic swelling as well, if have edema or DVT use it, adding more helps in maternity, running, airplane flight, and nurses can also wear this socks.


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3. SB SOX Lite Compression Socks 


Best Compression socks for leg swelling in India



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SB SOX is specialized in socks they have multiple designs of socks for regular use and also socks that are beneficial for health, this model no: all-season one of the top quality compression socks.

The design looks very attractive and after wearing it looks very nice, not only the design but the quality is of the fabric is at the highest level that ensures the longevity of usage.

It is specially made for medical or health issues, this compression socks have perfect medically graduated compression technique 15-20 mmHg, the seam of the socks is very well stitched.

The fabric is lightweight, supports your joints while wearing it, provides proper portability, the fitting is excellent you do not feel discomfort and the fabric is breathable for maximum comfort.

The best thing about these compression socks is the user can wear them for regular use if you have any muscle pain or stiffness socks provide relief, it is usable for an athletic person or while traveling.

There are many advantages of this compression leg apart from pain relief, which helps to increase blood circulation into the feet, improves the circulation of oxygen, and makes sure to minimize the lactic acid movement into your feet.

It covers your calf, ankle, feet, and legs, another advantage if you are suffering from an injury you can use it to minimize the pain as it also heels your injury.

Who Can use it? Athletes, helpful in injury, best for travelers, suitable for runners, medical conditions such as Edema, Diabetic, Varicose Veins & Pregnancy.


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4. Nuvein Airplane Travel Socks




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4th on our list of best Compression socks for leg swelling socks from Nuvein design of the product is very simple not that trendy but has many benefits of using it.

These compression leg socks are made for men and women both, if you do not like to have fancy design and looking for a simple yet durable and high-quality product this is a good option to go for.

It is made with highly medically graduated compression 15-20 mmHg which is normal and considered to be best for regular strength and pressure, this is the best option if you keep traveling.

The seam positioning and stitching are good and made with care by keeping in mind comfort and softness to the human skin, this also helps for keeps away your legs from cramps, soreness in muscles, and DVT.

The fabric is made of high quality as yarns used in this sock are from USA latex-free nylon-spandex yarns which ensure not to get any discomfort even after long use.

It helps in swelling also ensures to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, inflammation, pain, and in case of aching, increases blood circulation in your feet.

Who can use it? Reduces the risk of DVT, pain relief, swelling, minimizes the risk of vein thrombosis inflammation, frequent travelers can use it.


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Why do we need Compression socks?

  • Before discussing why compression socks are important and keep your legs healthy, there was a time when it used to be very simple designs but with time many people started using them, and nowadays there are very innovative designs available.
  • Understandably so as these socks are also used by the air hostesses to keep their legs healthy and fine, there are multiple sizes available and fabrics used in this type of socks are unique that provides comfort as they are soft and breathable.
  • How do they work? The technique has really evolved over the years these compression stockings are designed in medically graduated fashion most common 15-20 mmHg you will find in these socks, the main aim is to provide greater compression at the bottom of your legs and lesser at the top part of the legs.
  • This helps to improve or increase blood circulation in your legs, there is no such harm to wear these compression socks every day as they are helpful for your leg’s health, it is not a bad idea to keep them with you wherever you go.
  • Blood clots in runners, pregnant women, and frequent travelers are more common, these compression socks keep your legs away from blood clots, increases blood circulation.
  • It is also helping in arthritis, varicose veins, Edema, reduces the possibility of DVT, pregnant women can really avail these compression socks as during this period swelling is a more common issue.



Suggestions and Tips for curing leg Swelling at home:

Swelling and pain is a very common issue in humans but if you consider few things at home and follow them your leg’s health may get a lot of benefits.

So, things you should consider at home as below, they are very easy to follow just you have to be aware of it, swelling is more common in elders or person who is the traveler.

  • First and the for most in today’s world almost everyone does sitting jobs and most of our time we spend by sitting at one place on the chair, you have to make sure to select a chair that allows you to keep your feet at the surface, basically, your leg alignment should be at 90 degrees while sitting on a chair.
  • While sleeping makes sure your legs get maximum benefits of blood circulation, you can keep your legs at table or chair while sleeping so blood flow improves into your legs, keep elevated your legs at least for 20-30minutes this anyone can do at home easily, you can also get leg elevation pillow if needed they help you a lot to your leg health you can read detail article about best leg elevation pillow here.
  • Exercising is very important and the good thing is you can exercise your ankles or soles while sitting by doing normal work as well just move your feet or toe-up down, this leads to muscle pump that helps to increase blood circulation by eliminating unwanted fluids.
  • Do exercise regularly at home as well, just move your ankle and toe while standing, make sure to use exercise smaller table, stand on it and just move it regularly 3 to 5 sets with repetitions between 25 to 50 will be ideal.
  • It is important to give some stress to your calf as well, you should do calf exercises at home, very easy exercises and it does not take much time just about 5 to 10 minutes and you are done, you can always search about calf exercises on YouTube you will find many videos.
  • Lastly, it is important to provide your legs a massage once in a while you can always go to the spa but if you find it expensive and can not spend on it, you can get a leg massager at home it is just a one-time investment for a long time, no need to keep paying for spa sessions.

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Compression socks are definitely going to help you to keep your legs healthy and fin but it is also important to keep your health and diet as per requirement, it important to live a healthy life and to maintain weight.

Sometimes you may find it difficult while wearing the socks in that case do not worry just apply powder or lotion to your legs and then try wearing the socks.

Hope this article on Best Compression socks for leg helps you to know about them in detail and also tips for a home can really help you to keep your legs healthy and fine.

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