Best bicycle for daily use in India 2022- Buying guide


Best bicycle for daily use in India 2022- Buying guide

In Hurry? Our Top 3 pick for best bicycle for daily use to buy online in India 


Omobikes 1.0 Hybrid Cycle

Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike

Leader Scout Mountain Bike

Editors Choice 

Value for Money 

Budget Freindly 

Suitable for 13 to 45 years.

suitable for 12 years and above

Suitable for 10 years old and above

Caliper brake ensures smooth ride

V brake ensures powerful stopping 

Caliper brake suitable for tough roads


Best bicycle for daily use in India 2022


Who does not like a ride on a bicycle be it kids or elders running a cycle is one of the most cherished moments for each one of us, there will be hardly anyone in this world who has not experienced the happiness of riding.

Though in this modern age of world we see bikes, 4 wheelers on-road and somewhere bicycle has vanished, I hardly see on roads nowadays, still, it is one of the best equipment for kids as they start learning from cycles.

Even many elders too still fond of the cycle, it is also a very effective way to do exercise and keep yourself fit and healthy, it is one of the most affordable options if you do not wish to join a gym.

A gym membership might be for a year but the cycle runs for more than a year, I have seen many products that have worked for more than 5-7 years, so it is always good to go with.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the Best bicycle for daily use in India with buying tips so you can understand the elements to consider while buying them.

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Before discussing and reviewing each cycle here is the list of Best bicycle for daily use in India.

Best bicycle

Special Features 

Available on 

Omobikes 1.0 Hybrid Cycle

Suitable for 5.2 to 6 feet

Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike

Suitable 5.4 to 5.10 feet

Leader Scout Mountain Bike

Frame size is 18" & wheel size is 26”

Hero Blast 16T Cycle

Suitable for kids height 3.8 to 4 feet.

Tata Stryder Harris Bicycle

Suitable for age 12 years and above

Hercules Flunk Road Cycle

Height of 5.4 to 5.10 feet

Geekay Hashtag mountain bicycle

Suitable for height 5.5 feet to 6.5

CAYA Bicycle for daily use 

Suitable for 4 to 6 feet

Hero Sprint Mountain Bike

Suiatble for 4.2 to 4.9 feet

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About: Best bicycle for daily use in India


1. Omobikes 1.0 Hybrid Cycle


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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The first on our list of best bicycle for daily use, cycle from Omobikes if you are looking for a very decent design bike then this will be the ideal choice for you, it is suitable for 13 to 45 years.

The weight is only about 12.90kgs, the finishing of the product is very good made with high-quality steel that is equipped with anti-rust coating, the double alloy rims look good due to a good combination of colors.

The weight capacity is 95Kgs and it is suitable for a person with a height of 5.2 to 6 feet, it gives a very comfortable ride as the wheel is properly sized of 26 inches, the frame size is 18.5 inches and the brake system is Caliper which is good for a road ride.

This mountain bike ensures a smooth ride on roads allows its rider to get the perfect sitting position of 45 degrees so you can ride smoothly, and it has rigid suspension that makes it usable for rocky land, warranty of the cycle is on the frame for 2 years.


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2. Hero Kyoto 26T Mountain Bike


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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Up next mountain bike from Brand Hero, It is one of the best cycle brands in India who has been making some of the top quality products for more than 3 decades and still has a good collection.

This Hero Kyoto cycle is one of the most productive & suitable for 12 years or above person, it is not that trendy looking cycle but very uniquely designed as most of the parts are pre assembles almost 85%, so it does not take much time to install.

The frames are very high quality equipped with a steel frame, it has 2 types of brake front & rear V brake ensures smooth break-off and also does not require regular maintenance, and this gear has a single-speed system.

The making is very productive made for the good blissful ride as wheel & tire size is 26 inches with frame size is 18 inches, it has rigid suspension system thus it is very good for better tractions and good for patchy or rough lands.

The weight of the cycle is a little heavier due to its strong and compact build, also it is suitable for a height of 5.4 to 5.10 feet, the weight capacity of the cycle is above 100kgs.


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3. Leader Scout Mountain Bike



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3rd on our list of best bicycle for daily use in India, this good-looking cycle from Leader Scout, this brand makes one of the most pretty looking bikes that are very trendy and eye-catchy due to the beautiful colors.

If you are looking for a slightly lightweight mountain cycle, trendy looking, and durable cycle this will be a good choice to go with as weight is very light only about 18.5Kgs, and the caliper brake system makes it ideal for road cycling and rigid suspension makes your ride better on a rough road.

The frame made with good quality carbon steel, the T shape handles gives sturdy gripping during cycling, and the saddle is made with good proper cushioning of the leather form of PU quality.

The weight capacity is up to 100kgs, a bicycle made for 10 years old and above person, the installation is quite easy as 90% of the part is assembled, frame size is 18 inches with wheel size is 26” and it is single speed bicycle.


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4. Hero Blast 16T Cycle


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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If you are looking bicycle for a 5 to 6 years kid then this is going to be a very good pick as it is made for beginners who are still in a learning stage, 85% of parts are already assembled which makes it easy and quick to install.

Since it is made for kids it is one of the lightest cycles available as it weighs only about 13.5kgs, the frame is made of steel, the yellow color design looks decent and the frame size is 12 inches keeps the comfortable ride.

The bike is designed as a mountain bike that has a Caliper type of brake that keeps your road ride smooth and rigid suspension makes this cycle efficient even on the rough, patchy roads and the minimum height of the kid should be between 3.8 to 4 feet.

The gear is a single-speed system, and tires & wheels are very strongly built that have the size of 16 inches, for safety purposes it comes with trainer wheels, overall very good product for your kid who has just begun riding.


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5. Tata Stryder Harris Bicycle


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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5th on the list of best bicycle for daily use in India, from Tata brand this is another one of the top quality brands in India, everyone knows about tata and their product, any kind of product is trustworthy due to quality and durability.

It is one of the lightest weight cycles available online as it is only 8Kgs weight which makes this cycle portable and easy to carry, design as you can see very attractive, and stands out in the crowd due to matt black color finishing.

This cycle is suitable for kids from 12 years and above, the cycle equipped with a single-speed, the making is very compact and solid as the material used is a steel frame with heat resistance that keeps your cycle less heated.

It has a direct-pull brake system that requires less maintenance and provides a decent braking system, the chain wheel is smooth as it has a built-in plastic guard and the wheel size is 26 inches.


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6. Hercules Flunk Road Cycle


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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Next cycle from one of the best cycle brands and probably oldest brand for the cycle in India, if you love the blue little bright color this is very good option to go with as with trendy design, it is specially made for road cycle.

The weight of the product is only about 19kgs, the tires are strongly made looks very compact, for the blissful ride, it has made with double-wall alloy rim and pedals ensures safety as it has anti skiddy features.

The frame quality is made from good quality steel, wheels size is 26 inches with frame size is 17 inches keeps user comfortable and the cycle is made with a disc brake system that is considered to be good for rim brakes.

It is suitable for the age from 12 or above and ideal for the height of 5.4 to 5.10 feet as the seat is adjustable, it has made with a front suspension that is helpful to absorb shock and keeps the position of the front wheel aligned which makes ride efficient of rough roads.

Overall best cycle online in India, with all the features it makes it usable for a long time, the cycle also comes with 1 year of warranty.

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7. Geekay Hashtag mountain bicycle


Best bicycles for daily use in India


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7th cycle on our list of best bicycle for adults in India, from Geekay it is another good looking cycle option, it is mountain cycle the making and builds quality is excellently made with high-quality durable steel.

The weight of the cycle is standard 17kgs, looking is very trendy as the color combination used in this cycle very smartly that gives a very unique look, you do not have to itch your head much for installation as the 85% parts are pre-assembled.

The cycle is made for any kind of road as the disc braking system keeps the rim braking system efficient and rigid suspension keeps the ride smooth even on bumpy roads, the weight capacity is 150kgs so the heavyweight person can also utilize it.

The chain wheel system is very nicely designed and pedals are built-in with high quality and durable plastic, the wheel size is quite larger than some of the listed cycles it has 29inches of wheel and saddles are adjustable as per comfort.

It is suitable for a person who has a height of 5.5 feet to 6.5 feet make this cycle even worth it for those who are taller and the grips provide safety and comfort due to proper cushioning.


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8. CAYA Bicycle for daily use 


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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Up next bike from Caya this is one of those bikes that are suitable for anyone from Men to women, design of the cycle is very innovative as it has camouflage types of prints on it therefore it looks very vibrant.

This is specially made for adults’ height from 4 to 6 feet, tires are very strong and durable due to good quality, triple alloy rims keep your cycle quality long-lasting and frame quality is standard made with decent steel.

The braking system is very good as it has a disc type of braking, the wheel size is 26 inches comes with single speed settings and it is a semi-assembled cycle to keep the installation process quick and easy, front suspension system keeps your bicycle manageable with the ground.

The saddles are very comfortable to keep your ride for a longer time, pedals remade with anti-slippery properties that ensure safety, also there is a bottle holder to keep your drink with you while cycling.


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9. Hero Sprint Mountain Bike


Best bicycles for daily use in India



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At 9th position we have Hero sprint mountain bike, it is another good option that is uniquely designed frame, green/black color blend looks quite decent and weight of the cycle is 17.60kgs.

If you are looking for a gear cycle then this is for you as it has maximum gear speeds adjustable up to 18 speeds, the wheel size is also larger it has 24 inches wheel with a frame size is 17 inches keeps the rider comfortable.

The brake system of the cycle is a caliper that keeps your road cycling smooth and safe, if you are a rider on trails on downhills this is possibly suitable for you thanks to the inbuilt dual or rigid suspension.

This bike is made especially for a teenager who has a height of 4.2 to 4.9 feet and the maximum age should be between 9 to 11 years thus if you are an adult then it is not for you but very efficient for your kid.

Overall, very good product for the teenager who likes to have some bright color on their cycle, parts of a cycle is 85% pre-assembled.


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Best bicycle for daily use in India: Buying Guide:

We have discussed and reviewed some of the best bicycles for daily use in India, but it is also important to know which elements to keep in mind while choosing cycles for kids or bicycles for adults.


Types of Cycle and bikes:

So, the first thing we must know the different types of cycles, there are multiple bikes available but here we are going to discuss in the context of daily use so the below are 5 types of daily use bikes.


  • Road Bike:

As the name suggests it is designed for riding on the road, it is also used for racing the shape of the handles is slightly dripped, mostly you must have seen this kind of bike in racing.

The weight of the cycle is lighter than some other types of bike and it is more suitable for smooth floor surfaces, pedals are quite smooth and fast to enhance your riding.


  • Mountain bikes:

This bike is highly usable for daily use as most mountain bikes are made for rough pathways as well, due to its braking system and suspension.

The position of the rider on this kind of cycle is more upright, overall, the quite comfortable & weight of the bike will be a little higher than road bike depends on product to product and the pedals are a little slower in movement

But still, it is highly recommendable for daily use as it is suitable for any kind of road.


  • Cruiser bicycle:

It is one of the oldest styles of bicycle this is more in use from 1940 to 1950, a very simple looking design which is very easy to operate due to comfort, but if you want to ride on high speed then it is not suitable as it works on slow speed.

The seating position you can see little lower in the cruiser cycle, it is also suitable to take a ride on-road good for exercising.


  • Touring bicycle:

Touring cycles are also kind of daily use but it is only for those who have to work and carry heavyweight, they can use it as it provides stability the wheels and tires are very stronger and the frame will be heavier than the regular cycle.


  • Fixed Gear Bikes:

In this type of bicycle, riders do not get options such as freewheel, these are quite hard to pedal than the other cycles, it is in a way good for fitness and endurance level but due to harder ride, it may cause issues like knee pain.


Types of brakes in the bike:


It is time to understand the different kinds of brakes in bicycles, here again, there are multiple braking systems you will find but here we are going to discuss which is largely used in modern bikes.


  • Caliper:

It is one of the most common braking systems in bicycles which is mostly made from aluminum, road bicycles used caliper brakes and in few cases of mountain bike overall good brakes to abolish speed when needed.


  • V brakes:

This is also known as the linear-pull brake system which has a very powerful braking system it is designed traditionally for those who carry a lot of weight, for example, touring cycles but you may find this in modern designs of mountain bikes as well.


  • Disc brakes:

The disc barking technique is very effective and useful in damp or moist surfaces which is very helpful to ride during winter or in the rainy season, the amazing function of the disc is that you can better understand the force it requires to give a brake.

Though it is a very efficient barking technique it requires a bit more care in terms of maintenance and these kinds of products are a little pricier than the other braking technique and sometimes you have to be a little extra careful while using these brakes while driving.

It is more often used in road bikes and mountain cycles.


  • Rim Brakes:

The rim braking system is decent and not that bad as it is lighter than the disc brake but not very efficient on damp surfaces it works but not as efficient as the disc brake, weight-wise it is a little lighter than some of the other brakes.

If I discuss in the context of the modern designed cycles you will hardly see rim brakes as it is not in trend most of the brands prefer V brake, caliper, or disc brakes.


Types of Suspension in bicycle:

There are two types of suspension are popular Front and Rigid which is also widely known as dual and full suspension.

Tough front suspension is quite smooth keeps your cycle alignment in the right position but rigid suspensions are still better to go with especially if you are looking for a bike that will give you a good ride even on rough roads.

Yes, I agree that you have to keep maintenance in check with full suspension than front suspension as the front requires less maintenance but if you see in the long run Rigid is far better to go with, though it is completely depending on you which one to choose.



Comfort here mean that if your cycle has functions such as adjusting height it will be better so you can manage it as per your comfort, pedals should be strong and should be antiskid for safety.



This is completely depending on you as it is you who can decide and know what is better for you and what you want from the particular product so make sure to read all the functions either it is good for your requirement or not.



Lighter the weight will be better for you, cycles weight you will see between 10kgs to 20kgs, some may have more than 20Kgs you can choose as per your comfort and need.


Build quality:

Most of the bicycle is made of the steel frame which is considered to be good for durability, and all the big brands used steel to make their product but always keep your eye on just to confirm the build quality.

This is very important as if you go for a low-quality cycle then you may have to replace them soon as they are not made for long use so it is always better to go with a strong build.



In any case, you have to take help from a professional to assemble your bicycle but it is always better to get the product that is pre-assembled, brands do have products that are already 80% to 90% installed.



Many people just to save some bugs go for the low budget cycle instead, here I am not saying that low budget products are not durable but then you have to be very careful while selecting.

The well-branded cycle is available from 4000 to above 20,000 as well you can go as per your spending power, it is always better to not compromise with quality and performance as spending on such kind of product is like a one-time investment for a long time.


Branded Cycle:

There are many top brands available for bicycles right from Hero, Hercules, Tata, Leader, and many more, this brand makes awesome products that you can trust, you should always go for a good brand.




So here it is we have covered all the points from the best bicycle for daily use to types of cycles and things to consider while buying them hope this article help you to know in detail about the cycles.

While concluding we like to mention that if you use it properly cycles can last up to 5 years or even above depending on use and maintenance.

There are many types of bikes available from bicycle 24 inch, bicycle 26 inch and also Cycle without gear for adults who just looking for regular use for health point of view.

Many confusions about either bicycle buy online or not then the simple answer to this is sure yes as you get many benefits, another query mostly asked how much cycling is good?

This is depending on your motive if you are using it for outdoor exercising point of view 30-40 minutes per day will be sufficient.



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