Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India 2021- Buying guide


Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India 2021- Buying guide


Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India 


Being active today is Important but due to the busy schedule of daily 9 to 6 duties even sometimes we have to work overtime as well so we don’t get time for working out.

In the process, many people find it very difficult to hit the Gym Everyday due to lack of time but for healthier life fitness is important.

If you are overweight looking to lose weight and people who want to be fit then the exercise cycle at home may solve your problems.

Nowadays exercise cycles are coming at very economical prices that anyone can afford to have, but choosing the right one is quite tough as many brands available.

We have researched and brought some of the best performing yet durable exercise cycle which can be useful for the home.

So, let us discuss the top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight in India 2021.


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Exercise Cycles 

Weight Capacity 


1. Powermax Fitness Exercise Cycle 

110 KG 

 1 year warranty

2. Cockatoo Exercise Bike

110 KG 

 2 Years Warranty

3. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle

100 KG 

1 Year Warranty

4. Kobo Air Bike Exercise Cycle

120 KG 

5. Aerofit Magnetic Upright Bike

100 KG 

Lifetime on frame & 1 year on product

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About: Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight


1. Powermax Fitness Exercise Cycle 


Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India 



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Powermax fitness is one of the well-known brands in India that provides some of the best fitness products, this exercise cycle BX-110SX model from Powermax comes with back support while working out.

Ensures the user full cardio exercise at home, does not occupy the space while workout and it is foldable so the user can store it anywhere after the workout.

The seat is soft and quite user-friendly as a user can adjust the seat as per height, can manage the seat horizontally and vertically, suitable for indoor cycling exercise thanks to its well-built 4 KG flywheel.

Handles are well made for gripping which ensures user safe ride, LCD display to track all your workout sessions and traces all the information time, speed, distance, calories burnt, pulse rate.

Suitable for anyone as the user can set the workout intensity up to 8 levels and it is very easy to move from one place to another due to its flexible wheels.

Key Features: 

  • LCD Display & 4 KG flywheel.
  • Sturdy belt one-way drive method.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 110 Kg.
  • Set up exercise as capacity up to 8 levels.
  • Attractive Magnet Brake set up.
  • Easy to move due to well-built wheels.
  • Adjustable cover to balance the floor.
  • Non-Skid pedals and foot straps are adjustable.
  • Best exercise bike brand in India.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.


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2. Cockatoo Exercise Bike


Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India



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Next on our list is Cockatoo CXB-04 it is one of the best exercise cycles for weight loss as this is solidly made and very flexible to use especially at home, as this exercise bike ensures its user completely safe, and blissful ride.

For Easy operation, there are two belts attached which give easy transference and the user can adjust the workout intensity as per the present strength with 8 levels of fascinating stability.

The device is Easy to Install and the user can fold when not in use this helps to save spacing and this feature also helps to keep the bike long-lasting.

LCD display sized up to 5.5 inches which gives flexible visibility to its users so they can read the workout sessions easily, display indicates Speed, Time Distance, calories, and Pulse.

The seat is adjustable as per the height and the workout surface well designed which is very sturdy, these features suitable for long workout sessions without any hassle as this helps the user to keep the wrist in balance.

Foot Pedals hold the grip as it is Non-skid and this machine equipped with amplify seat and back seat, which ensures you do not fall down, handles gripes are nicely designed.

Key Features: 

  • The bike comes with a magnetic Break Technique.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 110 KG.
  • Suitable for a person who is above 5 Feet to 6.40 Feet.
  • The flywheel Size is 1.4 KG and the LCD display is 5 inches.
  • 3 Nos of Pedals or Crank, Two Way bearing.
  • Easy to adjust the level of magnetic resistance.
  • Best Gym cycle for home.
  • The product comes with a 2 Years Warranty.


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3. Reach Air Bike Exercise Cycle


Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight India



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Reach air bike is 3rd in our list as this bike promises to give a gym-like feeling at home, this cycle gives users the luxury to choose the exercise as they want as the handles move freely.

If you are comfortable you can use the handles to move your hands so they can also get the movement or if not, comfortable you can only do cycling with stationery handles for the lower body.

This device is suitable for anyone from beginner to advance level as users can set up the exercise speed as per the current strength and the knob is easily adjustable.

The seat is adjustable as per height and the seating cushion is soft enough that the user won’t feel irritated, pedals come with a strap that gives complete stability especially while high-intensity workout sessions.

Seat Height is adjustable vertically as per the height of the person, product comes with an LCD display that monitors your exercise speed, time, distance, and calories burned

The exercise bike is a blend of belt support techniques that gives the perfect cardio experience, it acquires less space at home all these features make this device is suitable for home use.

Key Features: 

  • Belt Drive Method and LCD display.
  • Stationery Handle lock so you can target the lower body.
  • Well built sturdy and Requires less space.
  • Non-Skid pedals with straps and handles are Non-skid due to added cushion.
  • Weight Capacity is up to 100 KG.
  • Lightweight, Easy to Use, and Install.
  • Product size: 36 x 24 x 8 inches
  • The device can be used without electricity.
  • Best Gym cycle for weight loss.
  • The product comes with a 1 Year Warranty.


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4. Kobo Air Bike Exercise Cycle




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KOBO is the next on our list of top 5 best exercise cycles as this is another brand that is quite popular when comes to fitness products, as their products are well maintained and perform well.

This KOBO’s deluxe exercise bike is multi-purpose as while workout session user can target their lower body and upper body at the same time.

Exercising on this device is comfortable and easy as it creates less noise which helps not to disturb others at home and users can work out without any irritation.

The device comes with an LCD display which ensures to monitor covered distance, time, calories burned & speed, this helps the user to set a target to enhance their performance.

The seat is well built and adjustable as per the height of the user, the bike’s handles are sturdy and grip well to provide safety and comfortable ride and the pedals are large enough which ensures to balance the feet.

Key Features: 

  • Knob resistance is adjustable and resistance belt.
  • Weight Capacity: 120 KG 
  • Easy Installation user has to Install the cycle.
  • Installation guide and Details in manual.
  • LCD Display with easy touch buttons.
  • Secure Fix Handles for gripping.
  • Best air bike exercise cycle.
  • Product size: 124 X 23 X 32


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5. Aerofit Magnetic Upright Bike 




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Aerofit’s this exercise bike is 5th on our list of top 5 best exercise cycles as the bike looks attractive and at the same time promises to achieve the target which is to lose weight.

Flywheels are well-built wheels size is 5 kg which makes them solid and ensures the user stability during the exercise sessions.

Frame made with good quality of steel and the resistance is magnetic, user can adjust the resistance up to 8 levels with ease.

The product comes with a backrest that provides support while exercise and cycle have the attached handles for gripping, pedals come with adjustable straps which are large to stabilize the user even when the exercise intensity is high.

LCD display in the built-in machine that monitors Time, Speed, Distance, Heart Rate, and this bike comes with an inbuilt contact heart rate sensor.

Key Features: 

  • Looks attractive and Trendy design.
  • 8 Level Workout Intensity.
  • Weight Capacity: Up to 100 KG 
  • The battery is inbuilt and requires assembly.
  • Easy to install and less noisy.
  • Product size: Length- 45 X Width- 23 x Height 54 
  • Power Requires 1.5-V x 2 and AA size battery.
  • The flywheel is compact and sturdy weight is 5 KG.
  • The product comes with a Lifetime frame warranty and 1 year on product.


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Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight: Types of exercise cycles


There are many different types of Exercise cycles available which are great for your daily workout, exercise cycle can be highly beneficial for weight loss and for toning your legs

Let us know about some of them, here is the below list of the exercise cycle.


Upright Exercise Bike: 

These are widely used and popular for home as they are quite economical in price so anyone can afford them at home, upright bike makes sure to target your lower part and also best suited for cardio.

Machines are easy to use and provide perfect support to your workout as they are built with handles so you can get the maximum support for exercise.

The drawback of an upright bike is it does not give you back support while working out which at times can be harmful to your back.


Recumbent Exercise Bike:

The recumbent bike provides more comfort as they provide you a seating area and along with them you get your back to support you, so you can seat more comfortably while working out without putting a lot of pressure.

This can be the perfect option for people who are suffering from knee or back issues as they are suitable for low-intensity exercise.

The drawback of the machine is if you are looking for a high-intensity workout you may not enjoy it or you may have to check the intensity level of the exercise before buying.


Studio Exercise Bike:

These are also known as Indoor cycles suitable for home come with inbuilt handles for support while working out, machines provide you a good experience of working out, this machine does not offer you back support.

You have to lean towards a handle you may experience like you are sitting on a bicycle, these are best suited for weight loss and to burn calories.

The drawback of the machine can be no back support but you will get the option of handles to experience compact workout sessions.


Fan Bike:

Fan bikes are popularly known as Air bikes these are like an elliptical cross trainer who helps you to target your upper body and lower body at the same time, pedals ensure to target the lower part and movable handles make sure to target your upper body part.

Air bikes or Fan bikes are getting popular as they help you to intensify your workout sessions, drawback of the machine is you may not get the option of folding so you have to give them space at your place but they are easily movable.


Hybrid Exercise Bike:

This device comes with multiple options and targets nearly your entire body, device is the perfect blend of recumbent, upright, and ellipticals.

This gives you the luxury to workout as per your comfort you can seat and workout as they come with back support and you can do your exercise by standing as well as this machine comes with inbuilt handlebars.

You can enjoy low impact exercising experience with help of strides best suited for cardio exercise, Drawback of the machine is they are mostly not foldable so you have to create space to keep them.


Mini Exercise Bike:

You may have guessed it with the name they are very small in size easy to carry anywhere these are a good option if your budget is very low you can get this type of device at very cheap prices.

Suitable for burning calories, does not put pressure on joints, and also helpful for toning your muscle, these machines are easy to store.

The drawback of the device is that they are not suitable for high-intensity workouts, they do not have any handles or back support.



Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight: Types of a Resistance level


Resistance is one of the important factors in exercise cycles some of them are as below.


Magnetic Resistance:

These are getting popular especially for home use as it is quite user-friendly, you can easily adjust the level of resistance and it does not create much noise.

Magnets fix on both sides of the flywheel which help you to control the level of resistance, the control panel is depending on the product to product.

Few cycles do come with the knob or some may come with buttons to manage resistance, buttons provide you more flexibility than knob but this all depend on your budget.


Frictional Resistance:

This type of frictional resistance requires regular maintenance as pads constantly come in connection with the flywheel and they can create noise while exercising.

If the machine starts making noise you should consider polishing and maintenance to your flywheel.

Moreover, they are quite affordable and economical anyone can buy them at home, these are more commonly used in cycles for resistance.


Air Resistance:

These are considered to be good for interval training, provides complete exercise to your full body as your entire body moves from your hands to feet, another benefit of this bike is they ensure you low impact exercise.

Resistance does not require any flywheel as they work on the fan base method, these cycles do not require constant maintenance and they are quite economical as well.

The only con about these bikes sometimes they can be noisy, more than anything if you opt for this type of bike remember if bike fans have higher resistance it means they will give you more flexibility.




Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight:  Buying Guide


While choosing a product we must consider few things so let us discuss the things to consider while buying an exercise cycle for weight loss.


Resistance level:

The adjustable Resistance level is the most important factor as if you can adjust the level then you can keep maximizing the speed of your exercise as per your strength.

If resistance level can’t be Adjustable then at some stage your exercise cycle won’t be useful as you will get used to the speed.

Level of Resistance depending on product to product few cycles come with 8 levels or few others may provide you above 8 levels of adjustable resistance.

This completely depends on product to product and price may vary according to the level.


Weight Capacity:

Always better to read the specification of weight capacity as if your cycle can not handle your weight then there is no use for the device.

All most all the brand provides a cycle that has a weight capacity is up to 90 KG or above, always check your weight and choose the cycle accordingly.

Always keep a cushion of at least 10 to 15 KG than your weight, if your weight is 90 KG then your desire cycle should have a weight capacity up to 100 KG or more.


Comfortable Sitting: 

The seat must have softness at the same time seat should be well built so you can seat for a longer time without any hesitation.

Good quality of seat make sure the durability, adding more if the seat is adjustable then this gives the luxury to use for anyone at home and they can adjust it as per their height.


LCD display:

This feature helps you to track your activity data from calorie burnt, distance covered during the workout, time of the exercise, speed, and heart rate.

All these keep you motivated and help you to plan your workout session according to your weight loss plan.


Pedals with Straps:

Your whole exercise depends on pedals so your pedals must be large enough so your feet can adjust in them perfectly at the same time ensures to provide more balance while working out so the user can not fall or feel discomfort.

This feature is vital, especially in intense workout sessions.



If your device makes less noise it will be better not only for you but also for others, as you can do your exercise peacefully without any irritation and others too won’t get disturbed with constant noise.

If you want a less noisy cycle you should go for magnetic exercise cycles, others may create little noise.


Safety Measures:

Your cycle should be safe to use and this is completely depending on your cycle’s flywheel as they will be the most active while working out so make sure not to compromise with flywheel quality.

Flywheel size should be sturdy and compact moreover keep your kids and pets away from your exercise cycles, do not allow your kids to operate your bike.

You should start the exercise with lower intensity if you are a beginner and slowly increase your speed as per your strength.

Always before starting your routine does warm-up and do not try to over-push your self it may harm your joints.



Every product needs regular maintenance in order to use them for a longer time, ensure to maintain them on a regular basis clean cycle every week or after a month of use.

Keep checking its chains, firmness of screws, seats, and pedals these are very important to keep your cycle long-lasting and durable.



Most of the best quality exercise cycles are long-lasting and durable but always better to read the warranty, almost every brand provides at least 6 months to 1-year warranty.

If a warranty is not available then you should look out for other services the manufacturer providing you with a cycle.

Read the warranty details carefully especially the terms and conditions of the warranty.


Installation and Service: 

The product should be easy to Install and always see if the brand providing an installation manual or videos, this makes the installation process quick and easy.

All top brands provide the videos, Manuals and some brands may provide the instruction through video calls. 


Budget and Price:

First thing you should do set up the budget this makes your search for the product easy as you become firm in your mind that how much you can spend and what kind of product you can afford.

The price range varies you can choose as per your budget as discussed earlier you will get cycle from 5000 to above 30,000.

It is not at all necessary that high-priced products are only durable there are many affordable cycles that are durable as well.

Cycle with advanced functions and features will be costlier, with a lower cost cycle you may have to compromise on some of the latest technologies.



Top 5 best exercise cycles to lose weight: Frequently Asked Questions


Why Exercise Cycle at Home?

Many People think that to Lose weight or for fitness necessary to hit the gym but with the right tools, at home, you don’t have to go to Gym.

Exercise Cycle is the best tool for your home as that brings a lot of benefits in one, many people worried about space but there are many cycles available which is Foldable.

So, you do not need to keep space you can easily fold after your workout and store it wherever you want.


Who Can use and Exercise On Cycle?

Any age of people can use for exercising who is looking for Fitness, Strength, Stress Relief and Weight Loss.


Types of Cycles available Online for Home Exercise?

Usually, there are three different types of Bikes available such as upright, recumbent, and dual-action, each one has different advantages as per workout goals, fitness level, and health of your Joints.

Cardio exercise considers to be best for strength and to lose weight, nothing better than an exercise cycle for strength training or cardio.


What are the Health Benefits of the exercise cycle at home?

Very useful for people who have high blood pressure as it helps to lower down high pressure and also regulates blood sugar problems.

Heart problem people also can prevent heart attacks working out consistently as working out on regular basis bike helps your heart make efficient, also helps to have good cholesterol.

Regular working out can tone your lower body muscle and shape your legs, most importantly these are low-impact exercising equipment.


How Much time Enough for Exercise?

Simply workout for 20-30 minutes daily, five times per week and follow a good diet, working out on bikes pumps your heart without giving Stress to your Joints.


Can I do High-Intensity Interval Training?

Yes, you should do it and adjustable resistance level helps you to do it more efficiently but suggest you not start high-level exercise at the beginning gradually increase your speed level as per your strength and comfort.


What is the Average Price Range of the Exercise Cycle?

The exercise cycles available in various range starts from 5000 to above 30000, all depending on your budget and what features you are looking for in exercise cycle.


Which is the Best Brand for Exercise Cycle? 

There are many brands available that can provide top-quality exercise bikes, our pick will be Powermax, Cockatoo, and Kobo.


Is it Safe to buy exercise Cycles online?

Yes, it is completely safe as most of the top brands available online, they do provide warranty and beneficial part of online shopping you do not have to go anywhere you get your product at your door.



If Exercising material at home saves you a lot of time as you don’t have to go to the gym every day, you can easily use your time at home for the workout.

Before purchasing Exercise bike few things you must keep in your mind like products Comfort, Weight capacity, Handlebars, Durability, Portability, and heart rate sensor.

You may feel it is quite expensive to spend but if you see it in the long term, this is a one-time investment and you don’t have to keep on spending like you have to in Gym Membership.

You Indulge yourself in everyday exercise with a lower risk of injury and while exercising daily it reduces your stress and makes you more active.

If you are looking to lose weight then exercising on a cycle is best as walking is best for your overall health but you may not lose weight with walking.



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