Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India 2021 -Buying Guide


Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India


Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India

Projectors getting popular in India gone are the days where projectors useful in Offices only for presentations and team meeting.

People started using them at home for entertainment purposes as well, a country like India where there are many ways to get entertained.

Movies, small screen daily soaps, sports, and gaming we all love our time while doing some of these things as these are stress-buster in our busy life.

Projectors can give you a very different experience while watching sports or movies on them, you will literally feel like you are sitting in a theater.

But getting one for home or office is not that easy as there are multiple brands available in the market that even make it more difficult to choose one.

We will discuss in detail each product and later which things to consider while buying them for home and office, here are some of the Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India.


 Top 3 Pick for Best Home Theater Projector 


Everycom LED Projector 

Epson Home Projector 

ViewSonic Portable Projector 

Our pick and choice 

Budget Freindly 

Overall Best top rated

Lamp life 20,000 hours.

Lamp life 10,000 hours.

Lamp life 30,000 hours.



Our Pick for Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector 


Best Projector

Lamp Life 

Available on

1. Everycom LED Projector 

 20,000 hours.

2. Epson Home Projector 

10,000 hours in eco mode

3.ViewSonic Portable  Projector 

30,000 hours

4. BenQ DLP Projector

10,000 hours

5. Egate Real HD Projector 

30,000 hours

6. Play LED Projector 

50,000 hours



About: Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector 


1. Everycom LED Projector 


Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India



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Everycom X-7 LED projector is standing first in our list of Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector as it is furnished with some of the power-packed functions which allow the user to use it in multiple ways, this is a very flexible device.

It offers full 1080-P HD support (Maximum resolution 1920 X 1080 px and native support 800 X 600 px), LED display size is up to 120 inches which ensures you the clear pictures.

1800 lumen ensures you get perfect brightness so you can enjoy the videos, if you are a game lover still you can utilize this machine thanks to its display and brightness.

The best feature we like about this device is you get the dual benefit for speakers as it has inbuilt speakers and at the same time, you get the 3.5 mm headphone jack if you want to connect to another speaker.

Lamp ensures you longest services as it has long life up to up to 20,000 hours, focus wheel and keystone correction makes this device more flexible as you can manage the focus functionality at front for a clear view and with keystone correction you can manage the images at the rectangle.

Key Features:

  • Best home theatre projector India.
  • Easy to Install and economical projector.
  • Contrast Ratio: 1000:1 and 7 feet maximum operating space.
  • Key stone correction up to 15 degrees.
  • Lamp life up to 20,000 hours.
  • Resolution 1920 X 1080 and Display size 120”
  • You can set it up as wall/ceiling or Tripod.
  • Supportive with Table & Camera tripod.
  • Suitable for gaming and Videos.
  • HDMI port for TV sticks, Game consoles, Wi-fi devices, Desktops, laptops, DVDs.
  • It has USB ports, VGA, AV inputs.
  • 5 mm headphone jack and SD card slot.
  • Connectable with set-top boxes and smartphones.
  • The product comes with a 1-year warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Projector comes with Remote control, Power cable, AV cable, Lens Cap, and how to use guide manual.


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2. Epson Home Projector 




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Epson is one of the best brands for projectors they have many models this Model No- V11H842040 is one of the most top-selling projectors of Epson due to its many features and also reasonably affordable compare to other projectors from Epson.

This projector’s weight is about 2.5 kg which makes this device solid and compact, the resolution of the projector is SVGA which has pixel size 800 x 600, and the aspect ratio is 16:9 for clear pictures.

3300 Lumen lamps for brightness and unique 3-LCD technique from Epson make sure you can view the image clearly as these features help to generate bright videos and images.

The lamp is efficient and works for a longer time up to 10000 hours in Eco mode, Eco mode helps to save energy so you can utilize the projector for the longest time.

Screen size 300 inches which are large enough to enjoy your time and throw great picture or image quality within 10 feet of distance.

Installation is very easy and does not take time thanks to its perfect adjusting keystone, screen correction can be done in quick time without any hassle,

Key Features:

  • Lamp quality is good and durable.
  • Easy to Install and the Size of the screen is up to 300 inches.
  • 10000 hours of lamp life & 3300-lumen lamps for brightness.
  • Contrast Ratio: 15,000:1, Fan Noise (Eco): 28dB.
  • Resolution: 800 X 600.
  • Noise level 37dB, wattage requirement 282 watts.
  • LCD display with remote control for easy use.
  • USB port, connectivity HDMI and WI-FI.
  • Power, VGA, and USB cable size 1.8 meters.
  • The product comes with 2 Years of Warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Projector comes with Power Cable, Computer Cable (VGA Cable), USB Cable, and remote control.


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3. ViewSonic Portable Projector 


Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India



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ViewSonic standing at 3rd in our list of Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector, this projector model M-1 looks very attractive and trendy, sleek design which can be easy to store after use, not only looks good this machine contains many advanced features which you may enjoy while watching videos or playing games.

Installation is easy to process as users have to connect through the plug, the battery is durable at the same time ensure to provide long services up to 6 hours.

The projector comes with a wireless display and a shorter throw lens makes sure to get clear images in smaller spaces as well, this device propels and directs the images up to 100 inches from the space of 8 feet and 9 inches.

Creates a great atmosphere in the room thanks to its good quality of Dual Harman Kardon speakers who ensures to throw perfect audio.

This projector suitable for most devices such as PCs, Macs, and other multiple mobile devices, Users get the option for connectivity like HDMI, USB, and many others.

Key Features:

  • Lamp Life is long-lasting up to 30,000 hours.
  • Portable and easy to transport.
  • Sleek Design and looks attractive.
  • Up to 16 GM internal memory.
  • Contrast Ratio: 120000:1 and Resolution: 1920 x 1080
  • Auto Keystone and well-built speakers.
  • Space for SD card and Good Battery life.
  • Larger screen with shorter throw lens.
  • Easy to connect with USB-C & HIDMI.
  • You can set up a projector at many angles.
  • The device has a 1-year warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Projector, USB Type C Cable, Remote Control, Projector Case, Power Adapter & How to use start Guide.


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4. BenQ DLP Projector




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Next on our list of Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India, BenQ MS 506-P DLP Projector this black color projector is suitable for Home and Office as well, the device does offer you some exciting features so let us discuss them.

This device offers you a great experience with a resolution of Full 1080P (1920 X 1080), projector is best for a theater-like experience thanks to its high standard DLP projection method.

The perfect combination of 3200 ANSI lumen and contrast ratio of 1300:1 make sure to display crystal clear pictures, numbers, and fonts.

It also has a Smart Eco lamp saving method which ensures user lamp life for the longest period of time, lamp life is as long as 10,000 hours.

The best thing about this projector is to save lamp power brand made the unique feature No source detected, this actually helps you to reduce lamp brightness up to 30 percent if the projector not connected to display source for above 3 minutes.

Key Features:

  • Installation is easy and one-key auto-adjustment
  • PC 3-D Ready and it is wired Projectors.
  • SVGA (800 X 600) Resolution.
  • Full HD Resolution: 1920 X 1080
  • Connection support via VGA cables.
  • Picture brightness of 3200 ANSI lumen.
  • Suitable for Home, Office, and Classrooms.
  • Teaching templet for classes and teachings.
  • Contrast Ratio: 1300:1
  • Remote control for easy access.
  • Suitable for Laptops and Desktops.
  • The device has 1 Year warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Machine with Remote control.


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5. Egate Real HD Projector 


Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India



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Up next on our list of Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India, Egate I9 model No E0-3i31 this projector offers a full HD ready resolution of 1280 x 720, and to ensure brighter images device is furnished with 2400 lumen (225 ANSI lumen).

Lamp life is massive above 30,000 hours ensure user years of use and sound quality is amazing as it has the premium quality of an in-built 3 Watts Speaker.

A unique feature of the Egate projector is its display size user gets the image display size is up to 150 inches which can throw you a larger picture to get the feeling of theater at home.

Perfectly suited for multiple devices such as Desktop, laptop, set-top box, memory card, PS-4, USB, and fire TV, these qualities make this projector flexible and user friendly.

Key Features:

  • Lumen: 2400 and Lamp Life: above 30,000 hours
  • Resolution: 1280 x 720
  • LED Display size is 150 inches.
  • Inbuilt Speakers for sound.
  • Contrast Ratio 1500: 1 and Keystone correction level up to 15 degrees.
  • Maximum 6 feet distance from the projector.
  • Easy to use, install, and economical projector.
  • Easily connects with TV Set Top Box, Fire TV Stick, Desktop, Laptop, DVD and Play Station
  • Digital Zoom.
  • Connections inputs HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, SD Card, and Audio Out.
  • Projector has a 1-year warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Projector with Remote control, Cables.


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6. Play LED Projector 



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Play projector Model No. PP-10 Full HD LED projector is the latest technology projector comes in white color, which has the capacity to perform really well and most importantly this projector is quite economical.

It contains 2700 lumen which is enough for the high-quality brightness to enjoy your time while watching videos and the best feature is you can watch videos by connecting to a pen drive as well.

LED life is massive up to 50,000 hours which ensures you long-lasting services for years, this projector throws large images thanks to its display size of 100 inches with a resolution of 1920 x 1080.

You can easily combine this with multiple inputs such as USB, AV, VGA & Audio Out and projector requires less power consumption up to 50 watts which helps you to save electricity bills.

Key Features:

  • Performs perfectly as the led lens of good quality.
  • Suitable for offices, home, and school tuition.
  • Lumen picture size is up to 35-120 inches.
  • You can play video from pen drives.
  • Resolution: 1920 X 1080, Lumen 2700 and Display size 100 inches.
  • Inputs require USB, AV, VGA & Audio Out.
  • Lightweight so easy to transfer from one place to other.
  • Contrast Ratio 2000:1
  • Maximum 8 feet distance from the projector.
  • The product comes with 1 year of warranty.

What users get after Unboxing: Projector with Power cable, Remote control, Av Cable, and how to use guide manual.


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Types of Projectors:


There are multiple different types of projectors let us discuss them.


DLP Projectors:

They are also known as Digital Light Processing projectors they contain different types of chips by Texas instrument, one chip can create millions of colors and multiple chips can create trillions of colors.

This actually helps to see crystal clear images without any dots or pixels while watching videos.


LCD Projectors:

The full form of LCD is Liquid Crystal Display, these are contemporary designs which is portable and easy to use.

You can easily use them for watching videos, computers, laptops, and gaming, these are widely used in offices, for educational presentations as they are helpful in darker and brighter lights as well.


CRT Projectors:

CRT is also known as Cathode Ray Tube this device is actually for video projection, Cathode Ray Tube has the capacity to produce and create brighter images.

To ensure amplify and extended the big projected screen, the lens deposited at the forepart of the CRT face helps you to get a good quality image.

These are not considered to be user-friendly as they are not lightweight and dimension also on the higher side at the same time requires higher power consumption when compared to LCD or DLP projectors.


3D Projectors:

As the name suggests you can watch 3-D movies by using these projectors these are the latest in the market but you should have glasses that are supportive of 3-D videos.


PICO Projectors:

These are small in size which you have to charge every time as they work on battery, though they are available in different kinds of sizes.

The drawback of PICO projectors is their brightness is on the lower side which you may not like, they are quite sufficient to prepare a presentation.



Buying Guide:

There are some elements which you must consider while buying projectors let us discuss them in detail.


Screen Size:  

The very important factor among all is display and screen size, as the main motto to buy a projector is all due to its screen and size.

If the screen size is bigger then you can read the fonts easily, while watching videos bigger screen makes you enjoy your time and your small space becomes like your theater.


Throw Distance:

Throw distance means space between projectors lens and stands out images or in simple words space between screen and projector.

Brands do offer anything between 100 inches to 120 inches display size, but some of the latest projectors also offer up to 150 inches display or even more.

The distance depends on the aspect ratio for example if your screen size is up to 100 inches and the aspect ratio is 16:9 then the projection distance should be around 9 to 11 feet.

For home theater, you can go for 100 to 120 inches display and if you are looking for an office or classroom then you can go for a bit higher screen display.



Another element that is vital projector’s brightness as this helps the user to get a perfect and hassle-free watching experience.

You can get lumen capacity up to 5000 or even above, this depends on you for what purpose you are buying a projector.

If you are looking projector for a large space like an auditorium or hall you can go for a larger lumen capacity for brightness above 3000 will be a good option.

If looking for videos & gaming want to enjoy a theater-like experience you can choose anything between 1500 to 2500 lumen capacity.

Lastly, if you want classrooms, schools, conference rooms or office rooms you can go for 2500 to 3000-lumen capacity.



This is actually classified as a number of pixels that helps to create a crystal clear image from the side, top to bottom, or let us say this actually indicates a number of pixels horizontally and vertically.

The latest trend is of FULL HD images good quality resolution mostly considered to be 1080p or 1920 X 1080.


Lamp Life:

This is another important factor lamp is bulb who operates your projector efficiently, all the brand’s calculated lamp life in hours.

Lamp or bulb hours depend on product to product some may have life around 1500 to 2000 hours but with the latest technologies, there are many devices that provide bigger lamp life.



Image or videos mostly need white color board or walls, as images and videos will be clearer on them, but there are some projectors who also give a good view on color walls, but always better to have a white background area.

Moreover, for smooth display ensure to run projector on flat surfaces.


Connectivity and compatibility:

A few years back people mostly used to use the projector for presentations, teachings and seminars purpose so connectivity to laptops and desktops was enough.

But as years passed now people love watching videos, sports on a larger screen, it will be great if your projector is connectable to exterior devices such as Televisions and smartphones.

Projectors do come with multiple connectivity options like VGA, component, USB, HDMI, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth.



There are many projectors who come with Inbuilt speakers for audio purposes you should go for good quality speakers.

We suggest you go for most speakers like Harman Kardon speakers, if you are not satisfied with the audio quality then you get the option to connect the exterior speakers for extra sound effects.

You can easily connect them with headphone audio jacks.


Budget and Price:  

Projectors do available in a variety of budgets you can get this device from 5000 to above 1 lac, you can choose as per your budget.

You may get advanced features in higher price projectors and the low budget may not have advanced features you have to compromise with some features.



The manufacturer will definitely offer you at least a 1-year warranty or some may provide more than 2-years warranty.

Ensure to read the warranty details thoroughly as there might be terms and conditions apply to the product.


Easy Installation:

Your device should be easy to install there are many devices available that offer you an easy installation facility this helps you to save your time especially if you are using it in your office, seminars, or in classrooms.


Read the manual:

Before start using ensure to read the manual guide carefully so there won’t be any hassle while operating the projector.

This is also very important because some brands may ask you to register on their sites in a certain time period to claim the warranty if any problem occurs in the future, so remember to read them carefully.



Advantages of Home Projector:

There are many benefits of the home projectors, we will discuss in detail about them here is the below advantages of projectors.


Interest and Immersion:

While watching videos or any images on the projector you get to see bigger images which keeps you engaged with them as you could see the view easily, this makes you involve at that moment which you can enjoy.

There are some studies have done and found out that when the view is larger, it really helps to concentrate more, the viewer gets engaged quickly.


Bigger Images:

Projectors throw you big images so while watching a movie or your favorite videos, sports, you feel like you are sitting at the theater not at home.

If someone loves playing games this device can create a great atmosphere around you as you can see all the images near your eyes and you can also improve your performance.

If you are looking for projectors for classes and presentation point of view then it will be the perfect device for you as bigger fonts make the readability easy.


Convenience and Comfort:

This point actually connected with the above but we have put this separately when you get engaged easily it automatically becomes convenient.

These are very comfortable to your eyes if the font display is larger in the size you can read them more conveniently than smaller fonts, this really make your viewing and reading hassle-free.

Most importantly projector throws soft lights which are highly beneficial for your eye’s health.

Another best thing about the projector is they are very flexible; you do not have to set them at any particular position you can use them at multiple postures and at any surfaces.



Projectors are very portable as they do not require much space due to their sleek designs, you can easily store them anywhere at home or office after use.

Another important thing is they are very light in weight so you can easily carry them anywhere from one place to other.


Adjustable Screen size:

This you may not get in televisions once you buy them then you can only see at one particular position, but here with projectors, you can adjust the screen size as per your comfort level.


Easy to Use:

Projectors are not at all hard to set up, they are very easy to install and very user-friendly as well, you can set them as per your convenience tabletop or ceiling.


Budget Free Product:

If your budget is low you can still easily buy them as projectors are available in a variety of ranges you can get one for you as per your budget.


The perfect option for Large display TV:

Projectors can be a perfect option instead of large televisions as they are quite affordable than the television, due to the latest technology there are projectors who can be easily readable and watchable in brighter lights as well.



Disadvantages of Projectors:

Projectors do have some drawbacks as mentioned below.

While operating or using projectors you may regularly need darkness especially while watching movies, sports, or playing games.

Though with the latest technology many projectors do come with good quality audio systems in some cases, you may have to get a separate audio system.

Maintenance is an important aspect to keep your device working smoothly for a longer time and projectors do need them on regular basis.




Projectors are highly used in India for professional purposes only such as for presentations, seminars, for teachings but not many know that they can be used for many other things.

People in India slowly started using Projectors for multiple purposes and they are slowly becoming popular.

Hope this article of  Top 6 Best Home Theater Projector in India helped you to know about them in detail above are some of the best projectors.

If you have any queries regarding projectors please post your comments, we will be happy to help you.



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