Which water purifiers to buy in India 2021- Buying guide


Which water purifiers to buy in India 2021- Buying guide


Which water purifiers to buy in India 2021


Water is something that plays a very vital role in our health, without water any human or animal cannot survive we all know that but drinking pure water is also essential for better health.

If water not purified and you are drinking directly then it can cause diseases like jaundice, stomach upset, Infections, Diarrhea & many other problems.

So, drinking water after purifying is just as we are living in pollution and unhealthy environment, especially in the rainy season it becomes more important.

As in the rainy season, we mostly get dirty water which can cause fever, vomiting, etc so always better to use clean water.

So how to solve the issue as we cannot keep boiling water and drink every time, so the best equipment is Water Purifier machine, who ensures you clean & safe water every time.

But selecting the right water purifier machine is Important and with many brands available it makes it a more difficult task than we think.

So let us discuss Which water purifiers to buy in India with things to consider while buying purifiers for home or office, let’s discuss each one of them with detailed features.


Best Water Purifier



1. KENT New Water Purifier Machine

Capacity: 8 Litres 

1 + 3 Years Warranty

2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier

Capacity: 7 litters 

1 Year Warranty

3.Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier

Capacity: 7 litters

1 Year Warranty


About: Which water purifiers to buy in India 


1. KENT New Water Purifier Machine


Which water purifiers to buy in India



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Kent does not require any introduction as it is one of the best brands in India that make some of the top quality products for home use.

This device makes sure to provide healthy and safe drinkable water due to its unique inbuilt KENT grand water cleaning technique.

TDS mechanism & Mineral RO machinery keeps all the much-needed minerals in water which is beneficial for health, water cleaning goes through multi-stages of the water cleaning process to eliminate dust and bacteria.

Higher water filtration capacity up to 20 liters per hour and tank capacity 8 liters, the best thing about this machine is that it has a water Indicator.

This means If the quality of water is not drinkable or healthy then the machine will indicate the user so can start the filtration process again.

Less power consumption which ensures not to waste a lot of electricity and machine comes with water-saving technology which ensures less water wastage,

Key Features: 

  • Water-saving capacity 8-Litres tank.
  • Cleaning water Capacity: 20 Litres Per Hour.
  • Less Power Consumption: 60-W.
  • Input Water Temperature: 10-35 C
  • Booster Pump Voltage: 24 V DC
  • Tank Quality: Food Grade Plastic.
  • Suitable for Home and Office.
  • Mineral RO technology and an inbuilt TDS controller.
  • Multi-stage cleaning technology of RO + UV + UF & TDS 
  • 1 + 3 Years Warranty & Free installation.
  • What is in Package: Water Purifier, Installation kit and how to use manual.


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2. Eureka Forbes Aquasure Water Purifier


Which water purifiers to buy in India



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Aqua guard is the second on our list this brand probably one of the most popular brands in India and why not they have been producing quality home products with good services.

This purifier firmly designs and fits into the room, easily gives safe & filter water as it has a smooth process system, and furnished with TDS

Water cleaning Process goes through multiple filtration RO +UV + MTDS so the user can get clean mineral water, like this, all process ensures to take out all the dust, bacteria and small pieces which are unhealthy.

Mineral cartridge manages PH level & taste adjuster manages the taste of the water depending on water origin, the cartridge is sturdy and well built which ensures long-lasting performance.

Synthetic Chemi block structure minimizes unwanted chlorine, biotic pollution as this machine absorbs bad taste and bad smell.

Included LED indicator on the machine, shows Purification status and also helps to indicate tank status, water capacity is about 7 litters, keep drinking healthy water even if not the electricity.

No need to worry about electricity consumption due to its energy-saving mode, which automatically turns off the device once the tank full of water.

Key Features: 

  • Water Capacity: 7 liters tank
  • Less Power Consumption: 40 watts.
  • Input Water Temperature: 10 – 40°C
  • Operating Input Voltage: 150 V – 270 V AC, 50 Hz
  • Tank Quality- Food Grade Plastic.
  • Auto-Turn off mechanism.
  • Water Flow Rate: RO PATH – 250 ml/ minute (MTDS close.)
  • UV Path – 600 ml/ minute (MTDS open.)
  • 1 Year Warranty & Free Installation.
  • What is in Package: Water Purifier, Installation kit and how to use manual.


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3. Havells Max Alkaline Water Purifier


Which water purifiers to buy in India



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Havells purifier is third in our list as over the years they have gained a good customer base as they create some trendy and good-looking purifier with high-quality products.

This machine design in a unique way it looks beautiful and fits anywhere at home and office as it does not acquire a lot of space.

The product is solid and firm and the tank quality is premium the water capacity is 7 liters which ensure to get water for a longer time.

It has 7 filtration water processes and has RO, UV system, RO system makes sure to eliminate all the unwanted and smallest particles from water, and UV takes care to make water disease free so user can get clean and healthy water every time.

It has iProtect filtration monitoring which makes sure to crop the water If not safe to drink and also alerts the user in case of UV, SV, and pump failure.

Minerals machinery makes sure precise pH level, rejuvenates magnetized water, and Intensify water fragment to enhance hydration and mineral involvement.

Key Features: 

  • Product Color- Pearl White and Navy blue.
  • Suitable for Office and Home as it is well built and slim design.
  • Water Capacity: 7 litters with 7-stages RO and UV filtration process.
  • Voltage Scale: 230 V & 50 Hz
  • Tank is removable & a 3-way setup arrangement.
  • Low water pressure and less power consumption.
  • Consumer-friendly alerts for self-diagnostic.
  • 1-year warranty.
  • What is in Package: Water Purifier and Installation Kit.


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Which water purifiers to buy in India: Buying Guide


Storage Capacity: 

This feature is a very important element while buying a purifier if your device can store the water then you can get clean and healthy water for the longest time, especially if your city or village has a constant electricity cut problem then it becomes very handy. 

Water storage capacity depends on the product to product but most of the purifiers able to store water from 5 to 12 liters of water.


Family Members:  

Most people avoid this point you should always consider the family members or how many people going to drink the water through the purifier.

Below is the guide to choose the purifier according to members of your family or in the office.

5 to 8 Liters of capacity is enough if you have members up to 4 people, if above 4 and up to 6 people then you should consider 8 to 10 liters of the capacity of water.

If above 6 members then you should go for above 10 liters of capacity.



The capacity of purification generally rates on how much water your device cleans per hour, this also depends on each product.

Most of the purifiers may produce about 10 to 15 liters of clean water per hour, but some of the new high-quality products able to produce 20 liters per hour of clean water.



Quality of tank is another important element to look at in water purifier as all your water will be store in the tank, some purifier may come with plastic quality or some may have stainless steel.



Water is very important for our health as they play a very important role in our health we cannot live without water we all know that and if we drink water which has bacteria or any kind of impurity then it can be dangerous for our health.

So, we should always know if the purifier is purifying the water perfectly, there are some inbuilt advance feature comes with the machine where your device indicates you about the water quality.

The other important is that we use filters a lot and sometimes after years of continuous use your filter stops giving healthy water, in this case, some of the modern features helps you to know before 10 to 15 days that your filter is going to expire and you need to change them or some device may automatically stop giving you water.

This helps you to know when you have to change the filter so you can constantly keep getting healthy water, these features you may not get in all machines as this is depending on the product to product.



Installation may take some time at least 2-3 days, mostly manufacture provide you free installation, you can install it anywhere on the wall, kitchen counter, or if less space then you can store it under the sink of the kitchen.



Nowadays people love to bring things at home which can match their home or office interior, fortunately, there are many attractive purifiers available that will fit perfectly in the home and will look attractive.


Power Consumption: 

Your device should consume less power consumption most of the purifiers do consume less power which helps to save electricity and it also depends on how much water your family consumes per day.


Alerts and Auto-Turn off Features: 

This makes your purifier complete user friendly as these feature alert you if your tank is full or empty, help you to know if the filter needs to be replaced and also indicates you if the purification on or off. 



Read the warranty detail carefully most of the brands do provide a 1-year warranty and few brands give an extended warranty as well for 2 or more years.



Go for the good quality brands as they do make some of the best and durable products, this kind of product we buy for home and it’s about our health so do not compromise on it, some of the best brands are Kent and Eureka.



The machine does require constant maintenance so servicing is another important factor especially after-sale, though servicing may depend on locations so you need to see in your location if they can provide the servicing, especially in rural or village areas.


Budget & Price: 

A few years ago water purifiers used to be costly but now they come at economical prices, they are available from anything between 2000 to above 40,000 this all depending on your budget.

Do not go for non-branded products just to thinking of saving money as they may not be that efficient and if someone is looking for a purifier that means you are looking for healthy water which will be better for health, so do not compromise on quality.


Which water purifiers to buy in India: Frequently asked Questions 


Why water purifier is important?

We are living in a very impure environment and due to industrialization we even not getting pure and drinkable water which is not safe to drink, therefore it is affecting our health.

Purifier design to make sure to narrow down or decrease the risk of medical issues and minimize the risk of types of cancer like colon cancer, bladder cancer & rectal cancer.

So how it minimizes the risk? simply by eliminating the chlorine, harmful germs, and bacteria from your drinking water.

This machine helps you to provide clean drinkable water which shields you from many diseases which can really damage your health.


How does Purifier Machine work?  

Machine make sure to go through different stages of purification process below is the detail but this depending on each brand’s product which kind of process they follow.  

The filter eliminates smaller finest pieces of dust & dirt from water to make it drinkable.

MTDS helps to adjust the taste of water depends on the source of water.

Chemi block Minimize excess of chlorine, pollution & uncleanliness by enthralling bad taste & Odour.

RO removes all the harmful elements such as bacteria, virus, ions, a molecule which is not needed.

Mineral Cartridge eliminates remaining biological pollution, rescues original taste & maintains the level of PH

UV bower makes sure to provide us pollution-free, water that is pure, healthy, and secure to drink.


How to test the water?

We can test the water at home easily as there are various testing kits available in the market that instantly gives you results, but make sure to buy the right one that can test multiple elements of water such as pesticides, lead, bacteria, chlorine, nitrites, pesticides, Stiffness of water and pH level.

You will get multiple stripes with a testing kit to check the above elements, kits are very easy to use you will get a manual guide with the package.


How to understand the TDS level quality?

We should know the level of TDS which is acceptable or not so below is the detail about the acceptance and rejection of the TDS level.

If the TDS level is around 50 to 150 this considered to be good for drinking and the 150 to 250 level is also acceptable for drinking.

250 to 300 is drinkable but not completely safe and above 300 to 500 is considered to be poor quality of water.

Moreover above 500 is not at all acceptable you can not drink them and less than 50 TDS level is also not drinkable.


How to select the water purifier?

After checking with the testing kit and once you understand the level of TDS in your water now, we must also select the purifier according to the range of TDS.

If Water TDS level ranges less than 500:

If the water not muddy but impure or it contains bacteria then you should go for a UV water Purifier.

If the water is muddy but not impure then the UF purifier is ideal to choose, but if your water is muddy and impure too then you should consider UV + UF.


If Water TDS level ranges above 500:

If the water not muddy but impure or it contains bacteria then you should go for RO+ UV Water Purifier.

Even if the water is muddy but not impure then too RO + UV is suitable and tf the water is muddy and impure then you must consider RO+UV+UF.


RO water purifier wastewater is it normal?

Yes, RO water purifier does waste some water you can say that is the negative point of RO, wastage is depending on a machine to machine.

But on average for every 1 litter water RO purifier may waste about 2-3 liters of water, basically, purifiers make sure to keep pure water into the tank for a drink and non-drinkable water machines throw out.

You can utilize that wastewater for home cleaning or for other cleaning things such as utensils or for toilet purposes.


Which tank is better for a water purifier?

There are two types of tanks qualities in purifier Steel and ABS plastic, both are long-lasting and durable but ABS plastic tanks are better than the steel as they do not require much maintenance and also ABS ensures little more durability than the steel  


Can I buy Purifier Online?

Yes, you can buy purifiers online as all the major brands available and there are always good offers and sale goes on online but you should make sure to buy from well-known portals.



Hope we have solved the query about the best water purifier, before buying any product make sure to set a budget so it will be far easier to make the decision.

The product should be durable and keep in mind the drinking capacity of your family members and then choose a product.

Keep changing the filters on a regular basis so you will keep getting clean and safe water, if you follow all the instructions then your water purifier will be long-lasting and durable.



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