3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home India 2022


3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home India 2022


3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home India 2022


A shower Chair at home is essential especially If we have Elders at our Home, we think that our Home is safe for them and we can take care of them all the time.

But We can not be there every time and there are some places at our home where our Loved once may not be safe especially while taking bath.

Elders as age Passed find difficulties to do the daily task and sometimes it will be dangerous to them If they fall as result may get Injured.

These chairs really help them to do some basic things on their own and less dependent on others, they can bath and keep them clean on their own.

This type of chair not only helpful for elders but also for the person who is injured, pregnant women who can not move properly, or disabled persons.

Product is very portable and useful so they will not be dependent on others and to avoid risks of falling we must have best shower chair at home.

There are some chairs that act like shower and Commode as well, but choosing one is a very daunting task as there are many chairs available in the market.

To make your life easier we have listed out some of the 3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home in India, so let us discuss each one of them in detail.


Shower Chair 


Weight Capacity

1. Kosmo Care Shower cum Wheelchair

Aluminum Frame 

Weight Capacity-100 KG

2. KosmoCare Shower Chair

Aluminum Frame 

Weight Capacity-100 KG

3. PHYSIQO Folding  Shower Chair

MS power coated material

Weight Capacity-100 KG


1. Kosmo Care Shower cum Wheelchair


3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home India 2020


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KosmoCare makes one of the strong and quality chairs which helps the person to move freely as the quality of the material is premium.

This shower cum wheelchair is very portable and can be used for many other purposes, as this product has wheels which allow the person to do basic things on his own.

Chair build with high-quality aluminum material, specially design for a shower, to rest your arms there is an attached armrest.

Footrest attached rear wheel lock ensures firmness & have 3″ of castors, for more comfort commode added for toilet purpose.

Key Features: 

  • Well Built and Compact Design.
  • Light in weight, Utilize for multiple purposes.
  • Commode added for the toilet and can take shower.
  • Sturdy aluminum Material and removable backrest.
  • Seat width: 18″ and Net weight: 12 Kg.
  • The rear wheels lock provides firmness.
  • Maximum Weight Capacity: 100 Kg.
  • Product Requires Assembly & Easy to Install.


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KosmoCare again featuring in our list as this chair is very solid & compact, specially designed for a safe and comfortable shower experience.

The chair is very portable and easy to use you can manage & adjust the height as per your comfort, a Non-skid seat surface for safety.

For more safety & to make it a user-friendly product, the chair has back support and armrest so people do not have to adjust themself, the chair does the job perfectly.

Water drains quickly as there are holes to pass the water, Lightweight product, and the frame quality is of aluminum which ensures durability.

Non-sloppy Rubber grips and fits on the surface which allows the user to shower freely without any fear, back and hand rest can be removed to make the product a Shower stool.

Key Features: 

  • Bench with Back and removable hand rest.
  • Lightweight and Portable.
  • Material Quality: Aluminum.
  • Easy to clean to maintain hygiene.
  • The back is removable to Make it a Stool or Bench.
  • User Friendly back support.
  • Height is adjustable around 14.5 to 19.5″ 
  • The user of 100 Kg weight can seat comfortably.
  • The product Needs to assemble.


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3. PHYSIQO Folding  Shower Chair



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PHYSIQO brand standing on our list at 3rd position as this brand make best of Commode or shower Chair for people who can not move properly and do daily activities, especially at the bathroom.

A flexible chair as the user feels comfortable after seating, coated with black powder for long-lasting use & for toughness, the chair is user-friendly & usable for the toilet and shower.

After use no need to worry about space as this is fold-able while not in use, Lightweight product so easily transportable anywhere so the user can use it anywhere without any discomfort.

Easy to clean so you can maintain hygiene and user will not feel irritated due to bad smell as it is cleanable.

Key Features: 

  • Specially Design for elders, disabled people, pregnant women.
  • Kids can use it, especially when you are outdoors.
  • MS power coated material.
  • Seating Capacity up to 100 Kg.
  • Lightweight foldable when not in use.
  • Easy to store and easy to carry anywhere. 
  • The best alternative for Western or English toilets at Home.
  • Usable Over the Traditional Indian Styled Commodes.
  • Easy to Clean to maintain hygiene.


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More about 3 Best Selling Shower Chairs for Home India 2021


Buying Guide: 


Before buying we have to consider a few things as we are buying for comfort and if choose a wrong product that can be dangerous to the user.

So, let us discuss things to consider while buying a shower chair for a home.



If the chair is foldable and light in weight you can carry them with you while traveling where ever you go so affected person can not be dependent on anyone and can easily do their task and the biggest benefit is that you can store them while not in use.



This is the most important element as your chair should have proper dimension as per your body type, better to know your size and then search for a chair.

Read the size of the shower chair carefully, although the standard size for this kind of chair would be height anything between 43 Cm to 48 Cm and width should be 38 Cm to 40 Cm.


Weight Capacity: 

Always read the weight capacity carefully as if your chair can not hold the weight then there won’t be any use as it will not solve the purpose and it is quite dangerous as if the chair does not hold the weight person can fall down and this can lead to serious injury.

You can get the chair capacity from 100 KG to above 150 KG, we suggest you check the user’s weight and then select your shower chair.



This helps to adjust the chair as per the user’s height so he or she may get comfort while using, see if the chair has the option of adjusting it and fix it for safe use.

There are few chairs that come with the option of the removable armrest, backrest, and footrest, this helps you to use the chair for multiple uses.


Quality Material: 

Do not compromise on quality as if the quality is not good then it won’t be used for a long time and if the quality of the chair is poor then it may be risky to the user.



This one is important if the chair is washable so you can maintain hygiene and at the same time keep your chair clean on regular basis to avoid any smell or odor.


Bottom Gripping: 

Users will mostly use these chairs for bath or toilet so the bottom gripping should be sturdy and nonskid on the wet surface this provides user safety and they can move freely without any fear.



On some products, you may get a warranty and on some, you may not, if you choose the premium quality of the product then it will be long-lasting even without a warranty.



Set your budget this will make your search a lot easier as you will be clear about what you are looking for more over do not compromise on quality to save money as this is all about the safety of your home member.

It does not at all mean that low-budget products can not meet your requirement they will but read the details properly before selecting any product.



This all depends on the product to product higher cost chairs may have advanced features so they might be costly, the price range varies from 1000 to above 20,000 for the chair.


Other Features: 

Backrest, armrest, and easy installation are some of the other factors to consider while buying, this kind of chair does not take time for installation.

The backrest and armrest can also be removable if not required but this depends on the product to product, this may not be available in few products.





Hygiene and Cleanliness are very important as people with disabilities or elders can’t move, so they do not clean themselves properly and a shower chair can help to keep them clean and help them to maintain hygiene.

It helps such people to stay safe as our bathrooms are always slippery and the person who finds it difficult to move, can get relief and no risk of falling down.

A shower chair makes your loved one feels more self-Dependent and happier as no one likes to be dependent on anyone.

These chairs are best for a person who is injured or facing any knee issues and not able to seat for a longer time, also even beneficial for women who are pregnant.

The best thing about a Shower chair if you own it at home, it is not only helpful for Elders at home but also Person who like to seat in western types of toilets they can also utilize.



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